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How to Create a Spring Bucket List with 50 Awesome Ideas of Fun Activities

Are you ready to live your best life this Spring? Check out these 50 fun things to do to create the ultimate Spring bucket list!

Spring Bucket List Words

My family recently made a big move and relocated across the country about 6 months ago, and to be honest…

The transition was a BIG change for all of us, but the kids seem to have fully adjusted to their new surroundings and community in no time at all!

It’s a huge help that they go to school and play sports so they have a natural way to meet new people and start creating new connections.

My husband and I on the other hand, predominantly work from home, so the opportunities to make new friends and fully acclimate is a bit more challenging.

We definitely have gotten into a bit of a rut and have not really embraced all the cool opportunities to do fun things in our surrounding community.

And add in that we live in a vacation town where people come to visit the dozens of beaches nearby and the many touristy things to do, we have really dropped the ball in making the most of our new hometown!

To quote my very favorite movie (please don’t judge me on this one!)

“There’s so much room for activities”!

So many Activities Quote Meme from Step-Brothers Movie

We live in an amazing place, and it truly is the perfect time to explore and soak in all that our local area has to offer!

Although it’s Spring Break vacation season here in Southwest Florida (so it might be a bit more crowded than off-season), I’m not going to let any excuse stop me from planning some fun spring activities for myself, my hubby, and my family!

So let’s jump right in and start planning the best spring activities!

Hello Spring Sign



First, create a little personal time…it will not be a huge time commitment but it will be helpful to have some distraction-free time to create your spring bucket list.

If you will be doing these spring activities with anyone in particular (kids, spouse, partner, maybe even your whole family), invite them to join you!

This can be a fun challenge for anyone you want to spend more time with together!

Ultimately setting aside 20-30 minutes should be ample time!


Whether it’s meditating, visualizing, or simply taking a few deep, relaxing breaths…take a moment to get grounded and calm.

So be sure to power down the phone, turn off the tv, and if you are lucky enough to have warmer weather where you live right now maybe sit outdoors near a tree and soak up the sun or enjoy having the windows open.

When you are creating an action plan for your life, it’s always best to have clear headspace and to be in a good vibe energetically!


Write several main headings of the areas or themes in your life that you want to focus on…(Health, Friends, Fun, Family, Travel, Etc).

Choose the topics that resonate where you want to put your focus this spring, or I’ve made it a bit easier for you with my handy dandy printable below! (Just click the image to get the printable)

Spring Bucket List Printable

Or if you want a more colorful version? I’ll send one your way too!

Colorful Spring Bucket List


Now it’s time to get creative…have an idea for a great activity this springtime?

Then, write it down!

I normally write this master list on a black piece of paper.

It’s basically a stream of consciousness in written form…all ideas are welcome and valid!

Download every fun idea from your brain onto the paper!


If you need some inspiration for spring bucket list ideas, I made a list of “50 Fun Spring Ideas” to get you started! (Just click the image to get the printable)

50 Fun Spring Ideas Printable

Click here to get these printable NOW…

Curious what some of the fun spring activities ideas are?

1. Attend a Spring Festival

2. Shop at a farmer’s market

3. Go on a bike ride

4. Play pickleball or tennis

5. Fly a kite

6. Plan a picnic at a local park

7. Watch a sunrise in the morning

8. Visit a State Park

9. Attend a baseball game

10. Plant Spring flowers

11. Try a new fitness class

12. Visit a Spring garden

13. Throw a frisbee

14. Try a new spring recipe

15. Go stargazing

16. Make a spring wreath

17. Run a 5K

18. Enjoy an outdoor concert

19. Buy a bright clothing item

20. Spring clean your home

21. Visit a flower field

22. Try outdoor/beach yoga

23. Attend an Easter Egg Hunt

24. Visit a museum

25. Go to a garage sale

26. Celebrate May Day with a bouquet

27. Attend an Art Festival

28. Enjoy brunch with friends

29. Celebrate April Fool’s Day with a prank

30. Plan a BBQ

31. Sample a new ice cream flavor

32. Try a new restaurant

33. Go to a drive-in movie

34. Start a kickball game

35. Celebrate Donut Day

36. Donate items to a non-profit

37. Dye Easter eggs

38. Have a Family Game Night

39. Go shopping at a flea market

40. Enjoy a round of golf or putt-putt

41. Take a scenic drive in the country

42. Buy Spring themed candles

43. Put together a Spring jigsaw puzzle

44. Skips rocks at a pond

45. Hike somewhere new

46. Visit a beach or lake

47. Dine at a food truck

48. Toss a penny & make a wish

49. Check out a book from the library

50. Make homemade lemonade or homemade delicious snacks

Spring Bucket Lists with Easter Eggs


Do a spring clutter cleanout – you can read more about it here!

30 Day Cleaning Calendar

Got younger kids and ant to make it more child-oriented?

Here are some bonus ideas for you, that kids will especially be excited about!

Spring is the perfect time to really enjoy outdoor activities as a whole family, so channel your-inner child spirit and join in the fun!

Here’s a compilation of the best spring activities for kids:

a. Climb a tree

b. Make designs outside with sidewalk chalk

c. Explore a new playground

d. Play in the rain or go on a rainy day hike

e. Sample new fresh fruits at a farmers market

f. Participate in the berry picking season

g. Go to a baseball game on opening day

h. Visit a zoo or petting farm and see baby animals

i. Blow bubbles

j. Host a garden tea party

h. Set up a backyard obstacle course

i. Go on a hunt for four-leaf clovers

j. Make a bird feeder and hang it in your backyard

k. Participate in a “clean up” or eco-friendly activity for Earth Day

l. Tie-dye t-shirts

m. Fly a drone

n. Plan a photoshoot and take lots of family photos outside

o. Go on a “Spring Hike” – looking for the beauty of spring….flowers blooming, baby birds chirping, a rainbow

p. Play a new outdoor game you’ve never tried – hopscotch, spike ball, 4 square, etc.

q. Help a neighbor with spring cleaning in their yard or help plant some flowers


Now that you have PLENTY of awesome ideas for the spring season, write down your favorites on your “Spring Focus On Fun” Bucket List Worksheet.

If you have more ideas than you have room for on your worksheet, feel free to write on the back of the printable or add a second piece of paper!

50 Fun Spring Ideas and Bucket List Printables


Once you’ve written down your spring goals, hang that list somewhere you will see it regularly…like on your bathroom mirror so it’s the first thing you see in the morning, or on the fridge where your kids will see it and bug you to do some of the activities listed.

Heck, you can even take a picture and make it your screen saver – whatever you do, just keep it top of mind!

The more you see it, the more likely it is you’ll get out there and fully enjoy the warmer weather of spring!

Spring Ideas and Bucket List Printables

8. DO IT!

Grab your calendar and start setting dates and times, and let the good times of the spring season roll!

So what do you think?

Wanna join me and plan some fun spring activities?

I promise you’ll be so happy you did!!

Until next time, cheers to doing “so many activities” this spring, and cheers to you!!



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