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Get Your Home Tidy & Organized with a 30 Day Spring Cleaning

Grab your free 30 day Spring cleaning printable plan and guide to motivate you to sanitize your house with small easy daily home tidying tasks.

gloved hand cleaning a sink faucet


Spring is literally right around the corner…

which has me saying…


“Where the heck has the first few months of the year gone??”


I seriously cannot believe that Spring is here!!!


So that means it’s time to dive into some Spring Cleaning!

Amd I’m not just talking about your run of the mill tidy up the house kinda’ cleaning…I’m talking DEEP CLEANING…you know those things that have never seen a sponge or wipe! 


Is this exciting or what?? 


Okay, maybe you’re not as excited as I am to get cracking on deep cleaning your home, so I made a pretty printable just for you to help make the task a bit more fun!

30 day spring cleaning printable calendar




1. Download It

The first step in using your spring cleaning printable challenge is to grab a free copy here! You will be sent a download link by email to the PDF files and you are off and running! (please remember this cleaning calendar template is for personal use only!)

30 Day Deep Spring Cleaning Plan



2. Print It

Once you’ve received the PDF files, you will then print out the 30 Day Spring Cleaning Printable.

Print 30 Day Spring Cleaning Calendar

Having a printed out a calendar will not only motivate you but it will also hold you accountable to getting all the tasks done…and bonus, your house will be super clean and germ-free in the process…now I call that a WIN-WIN!!


3. Choose It

This printable cleaning calendar can be used in two ways.


A. You can use it like a true calendar, where you check off one item each day and proceed in numerical order.

Spring Cleaning Calendar with Xs



B. You can use it more like a checklist and hop around to the things that matter most to you – checking off to-do items as you go along in whatever random order you prefer.

Spring Cleaning Calendar with check marks



4. Do It!

Once you have your 30 Day Deep Spring Cleaning printable and have selected your approach, it’s time to get ‘er done!!

Wondering what’s all on the cleaning list? 

I’m certain some of the things on the list have never been cleaned or sanitized!

1. Cell Phone

2. Purse & Wallet

3. Car Keys

4. Door Knobs


5. Light Switches


6. Keyboards


7. Computer Mouse


8. Remote Controls


9. Sofa Cushions


10. Rugs


11. Microwave


12.  Small Appliances (Toaster, Blender, Air Fryer, Crockpot, etc.)


13. Stovetop Grates


14. Oven


15. Dishwasher


16. Stove & Exhaust Hood

17. Trash Cans

18. Clothes Dryer


19. Washing Machine

20. Vacuum Cleaner

21. Lamp Shades


22. Window Blinds


23. Baseboards

24. Ceiling Fans


25. Hanging Pictures


26. Vents & Filters

27. Sinks, Drains, Disposal


28.  Ceiling Lights


29.  Matresses


30.  Bedding


If you simple just tackle one small task each day, by the end of the month you will have accomplished SO MUCH!! #youvegotthis

* HELPFUL HINT #1 * – Put your deep cleaning calendar someplace visible!! 

Cleaning Calendar on a fridge

I hang mine on my fridge, where I see it throughout the day, and also where my family will so lovingly remind me of my daily task…and if I am lucky, I can wrangle them into helping me!!


* HELPFUL TIP #2 * – Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish each task every day…the goal is to make an improvement in the overall cleanliness of your home…remember PROGRESS > PERFECTION

If you miss a day, double up on another day when you have more time!

And that concludes our 30-day Deep Cleaning Challenge.

What do you think?

Did I miss anything essential from my list?

Let me know in the comments!


Until next time, cheers to a squeaky clean home, and cheers to YOU!



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