More About Magan

Just in case we haven’t met, I’m Magan!

Growing up in rural Indiana, literally in the midst of cornfields, I would have never dreamed that I’d live in Southern California for 13 years and now reside in Southwest Florida. It really is an amazing place to live…sun, beach, palm trees…it truly is magical!

But do you know what is most of the time NOT magical…raising kids!! Yikes…parenthood is not for the faint of heart!! After 22+ years of marriage and 19 years of making our 3 children pretty much my whole life, I had lost connection with myself.

If I was a gambling woman, I’d bet that I’m not the only mom out there who feels the same, so I decided to create Organize Zen with Magan to help myself and other moms organize their health, home, & happiness!. This little “Mama Blog’s” sole purpose is to remind all of us busy mommas to simplify, carve out some time for ourselves, and have more FUN on this crazy, messy, wild ride of parenthood!!

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