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How to Create a Christmas Family Bucket List to Make It the Best Holiday Season Ever

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to make your Christmas Family Bucket List. Create fun and festive ways to help celebrate the Holiday Season! Photos with Santa, singing carols, baking cookies, decking the halls, and trimming the tree…what activities will be on your list?

Gingerbread man cookie

Holy Moly! The Holiday Season is upon us, and we have about a month to squeeze in as much festive fun as possible!!

One of the things that our family does regularly to keep us on track so we don’t forget to partake in any of our family traditions is to create a “Holiday Bucket List”.

Now, I know a lot of people have a life “Bucket List”, which is all well and good, but I’m a bigger fan of smaller wish lists and goals because they are easier to attain and you can regularly update them.

Just this week, my family and I sat down at dinner and created a “Holiday Bucket List” where we brainstormed all of the fun things we hope to do before the holidays come and go.

It’s amazing looking back on these lists we’ve created in the past and to see how many of them actually came true…pretty dern cool!

We all know that it’s a cray cray time of year and before you know it, the New Year has rolled around and we didn’t get to do the jovial celebrations our family loves most.

So, I thought you might like the template we use so you can create a Bucket List with your family too!

There are two versions for you to choose from:

Christmas Family Bucket List Printables with Santa

Christmas Bucket List – (Red and Green)


Holiday Bucket List – (Blue and White)

But before you dive right in, here are a few helpful hints when creating a Seasonal Family Bucket List…

1. All ideas are welcome – it’s important for kids (and parents) to feel like their contribution to the list is valued and heard.

BUT….Not all ideas will be accomplished (just because your daughter chimes in that she wants to go on a Disney Cruise doesn’t mean you’re packing your bags)

A super important reminder, especially around our consumer-driven holidays is that it’s about creating family memories with experiences, not purchasing products and things.

2. Also keep in mind, the goal is not to accomplish every idea so you can mark it off the list, but to cherish each of the moments and to be present to the experience. This is NOT a “To-Do List”, but more of an experience wish list.

3. Ideas do not all have to be “Holiday-ish” (yes that’s a made-up word, but you get what I mean). Add anything to the list that you want to do over the Holiday Break (time for haircuts! ????)

4. Hang it up in a place where the family can see it and will remember the things they hoped to do this Holiday Season (instead of just vegging out watching YouTube Cat Videos all day)

Need some inspiration for ideas??

Check ours out for this year!

Family Holiday Bucket List

First on the Weber Family Holiday Bucket List… take family photos and send holiday cards (clearly this was my contribution – remember ya’ll… “all ideas are welcome”)

Think anyone will notice if we just reuse the photo from last year??

Sure would be a hell of a lot easier! (Just kidding, sorta’)

A family Christmas Photo

Well, Friends, I hope you enjoy the Bucket List Printables and that you create some meaningful memories this Holiday Season with the people who matter the most to you!

Until next time, cheers to making memories and cheers to you!



Psst – Looking for a fun family activity?  How about a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt? 

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

How to Create a Holiday Bucket List

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