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The Wack Or Worth It Show

Join us on most Wednesdays where we review and share a product that we think 
would be helpful.  We aim to entertain, provide value, and have a ton of fun so we
invite you to watch it, share it, and have a few laughs with us or at us!



Do you love pico de gallo, but think it can be too much trouble?  Watch this video where we try out the Fullstar vegetable chopper and make pico de gallo.  Was it good?  Does it work?  Is it Wack or Worth it?  Spoiler alert, Magan breaks something and it is hilarious…


Episode #2 - Top 5 Dog ToyS On Amazon

No dog can have enough toys, right!  But which are the best ones?  We tried them out on our dog (thinking it would be a good idea) but nothing went to plan.  It is a fun watch and we came out with a winner for you, but it was not so fun for Gavin lol.  Stay to the end and watch all the bloopers…

Episode #3 - Can a car diffuser help?

Ever wish your car smelled better but know that air freshner’s are rather bad for you?  We just might have the solution.  Watch this week’s show to see how we put the Mighty Duty diffuser to work to find out if it is Wack or Worth it?  and as always, there are some very funny bloopers and things that happen…


Episode #4 - Dash dog treat maker review

Ever wonder if your dog treats are healthy or why they are so expensive?  We decided maybe it’s time to start making our own dog treats so we got the “Dash Dog Treat” maker and tested it out.  Did our treats look like the pictures?  Did our dog Harper like the treats?  And of course, is it Wack Or Worth It?  Find out on this week’s show and stay to the end for the fun bloopers…


Episode #5 - Cleaning slippers review

Have you ever heard of dusting slippers?  Us either so when we came across this invention we knew we needed to try it and see if they worked and if they brought anything extra to the cleaning process.  We can say we were very surprised in a few different ways.  Watch the video, stay until the end for bloopers, and find out if these slippers are Wack Or Worth It…

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