Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator - Free the Clutter Fiesta in Your Fridge

Since last week I had a kid home sick from school for a few days, a last-minute “Ditch School for Disneyland Day” with the Fam Bam, and a girls weekend getaway, (yes, crazy week & if you want to see all of my fun adventures in real-time, check out my stories on Instagram here) I took a little break from the “Free the Clutter Fiesta”.

But now, I’m back, ready to rock and roll!!

I’m definitely making progress on catching up and now it’s time to tackle the fridge.

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List of decluttering tasks with items marked off
My "Free the Clutter Fiesta" Progress Report

A few weeks ago was the “assigned” week for the fridge, but we just had a Super Bowl party and our refrigerator was busting at the seams so it was not the ideal time to declutter the fridge.

HELPFUL HINT: It is much easier to clean out a fridge that is not completely full!

So here’s what my fridge looked like *BEFORE* and although it was pretty sparse for our family of big eaters, it took me about exactly one hour to empty, deep clean, and organize (and yes, I’m a nerd and used a stopwatch ⏱️cause I wanted to give you an accurate estimate of the time commitment)