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“The Apple Cider Vinegar Made Me Do It” Why You Need to Create and Maintain a Fridge Food Inventory

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I’m not normally one to point fingers but this time, it really was the Apple Cider Vinegar’s fault (technically it was “Organic, Raw, Unpasteurized and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar”, but you get the point)!

You are probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about!

Well, you see, a few days ago, I had this new recipe for crockpot pork chops that called for Apple Cider Vinegar (here’s the yummy recipe in case you are curious) and when I headed to the store with my list of ingredients, I bought everything I thought I needed to make this meal including a big ole’ bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar, and much to my surprise when I got home I already had a full bottle in my fridge!

I know you are probably thinking, “Geez, Magan, that’s not such a big deal”, and of course you are right, in the big scheme of things going wrong in life, this is NO.BIG.DEAL, but it did cause some frustration on my part beeeecaausse….

1. We don’t use apple cider vinegar all that much, so I’m not sure we will use two bottles before they expire.

2. I think maybe it’s a genetic disorder, but I hate being wasteful and buying something I already had feels super wasteful.

3. If I had been more organized, I could have saved money, time and resources.

So you know what I did instead of beating myself up too much about my Apple Cider Vinegar snafu?

I created a P-R-I-N-T-A-B-L-E!! Woo hoo!

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I’m going to link it here for you so you don’t make your own Apple Cider Vinegar slip-up too!

And here’s how it works…

1. Print a blank printable template. I’ve made two versions just to spice it up! (click on the image to download the PDF)

2. Open your fridge and write down the item, quantity, and expiration date in the template. I only did sauces and condiments. The influx and disappearance of real food is too hard and time-consuming to track for my family. (Notice what the #1 thing on my list is ! 🤣)

3. Take a picture of the completed form and add it to your notes app in your phone.

So, the next time you are shopping and aren’t sure if you have something, you can reference your list. #BRILLIANT

A few helpful hints:

1. I would recommend writing your list in black ink. I chose a teal pen because I thought it looked pretty but sadly it’s harder to read.

2. When you run out of things or add things, you don’t need to start a new sheet, just add it to your notes section in your phone so you always have an up to date list.

Here’s mine below!

Now my mistake feels like it was actually meant to be because I got just a bit more organized, and hopefully, it helped you get more organized too!

Until next time, cheers to apple cider vinegar blunders, and cheers to you!🥂


💗 Magan

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