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5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Spice Kitchen Cabinet in Under 20 Minutes (with Free Printable)

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Genius Spice Cupboard Organization Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner including A Free Printable Spice Inventory Checklist To Make It Even Easier

It’s November, and you know what that means??

Thanksgiving is rushing toward us, and before you start planning your Turkey Day Menu and festivities, I’d highly recommend taking a few minutes to organize your spice kitchen cabinet for all the upcoming feasts and get-togethers!

If you need a little help with menu planning for Thanksgiving and want a stellar new family tradition of creating a Thanksgiving Memory Book, I have free printables you can use to help you get organized here!

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We have just moved into a new house, and to be quite honest, I haven’t fully got my organizational act together with my spice cabinet or my pantry so those are my top two priorities before all the merry mayhem of the Holidays roll around.

If you too have an oh-so-sloppy-looking spice drawer or cabinet, then come along and join me on this adventure as I break down this task into 5 SUPER SIMPLE STEPS that will take less time than watching your favorite reality TV show. Or better yet, you can do it WHILE you are watching your favorite trashy reality program…bring on the Housewives of wherever… Beverly Hills, Orange County, Potomac, Salt Lake City, yep, I watch them all! 🙈 #dontjudge

So let’s jump right in…

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I know this step is the H-A-R-D-E-S-T one because you think you can just dig around in the cabinet, throw a few things away, and call it a day. I promise you, THIS IS the MOST IMPORTANT STEP!

Take everything out and see what’s really lurking in your cabinet. I think you’ll be surprised what you find!


Now that you have everything out of the drawer or shelf, it’s time to wipe it down!

I find that using a “magic eraser” is the most efficient cleaning tool for this job because it’s fabulous at removing stuck-on stains or grease spots.


Once you’ve taken everything out and wiped down the shelves, take a look at the expiration dates to see if any of your spices or cooking ingredients are expired or running so low that they need to be replaced.

I recommend giving every spice jar a shake to be sure everything still moves around and isn’t hardened inside.

This is the step where you also want to remove anything that isn’t a cooking item…for me that is a bunch of supplements I was storing in the cabinet. I’m not sure why I even have them in there ’cause I have an open cabinet where they would have more space and fit better that I am not even using!

Now is a good time to make a list or write down any spices or ingredients you are needing to replace.

To make things even easier for you, I made you a master list that you can grab here below!

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*Bonus Tip* Laminate this checklist and hang it inside your cabinet so you always have a running list of what needs to be replenished and repurchased.

For me, I am NOT a big chef, so I use the spice inventory list to show what I already have in my cabinet, so when I am trying a new recipe, I can look at the checklist to see if I already have the needed spice or if I need to buy it!

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When it comes to spices, I think it’s crucial to find a way to see all of your options vertically, so invest just a little money in some kind of spice shelf. Here are the two that I used.

I liked this see-through acrylic one because I liked the fact that it is clear and it won’t darken the inside of my cabinet like a wooden or dark-colored shelf might.

I also purchased this white wire three-tiered one because it was less expensive so that I could compare the two – I’ll update you on which one I like better!

Now it’s time to start putting things back in the cabinet, and you have a couple of options as far as your approach goes.

A. Some people like to put the most used spices and seasonings near the front to have easy access.

B. Some people choose to alphabetize the spices.

Either way works, and I’d say use whichever approach melds with how your brain works…I’m more an ABC-kinda gal, so I am opting for choice #B.


The best way to get your spice cabinet tidy and more importantly KEEP it organized is to invest in just a few basic organizing products. The three that I am using are:

A. Spice Shelf

When you place your spice jars on a multi-level shelf, you utilize the vertical space in the cabinet which also helps you see the labels of each of the spices.

B. Ingredient Storage Containers

These are perfect for organizing dry ingredients like flour, sugar, powder sugar, and they also keep them fresher by keeping them fully sealed so they will last longer

C. Lazy Susan

Still haven’t figured out exactly who “Susan” is, but she sure did make a nifty gadget! The lazy susan AKA rotating turntable helps make frequently used items more accessible.

Here’s where I put mine…closest to where I cook, so my most utilized items are an arms-length away!

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Many people recommend making all of the spice jars the same for a more cohesive look. And you can buy sets like this one that come with pre-printed labels that make it super easy. #itsonmywishlist

I just might do that cause I do think it would help make this cabinet look even more organized.

You can also use organizing bins for any random items that you don’t use as often that you want to keep tucked at the top of your cabinet. I got mine from the dollar store, so there’s no big investment, and I hide seasonal baking items like sprinkles and cookie cutters inside!

If you want to take your organization game to the next level, invest in a digital label maker to label everything in your cabinet! Nothing says “Organizing Overachiever” like owning a label maker!!

And there you have it! TA-DA! It is possible to organize your spice kitchen cabinet in under 20 minutes and you may even want to show off to your friends or at least brag about it on social media!

What do you think?

Can you tell much difference between the BEFORE and AFTER?

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organize your spice kitchen cabinet

Are there any other spice shelf organization products that you swear by that I should add to my list?

Until next time, cheers to tidying your Turmeric, Tarragon, and Thyme, and cheers to you!🥂



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