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Purge Party Week # 1 Recap – An Organized and Clutter-Free Master Bedroom

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So I dove in…not head first, did that as a kid and learned NOT to do that again…ever!

I’m talking about the Purge Party!!

The Purge Party is under way and so far it’s been an easy start. The kids are STILL home for Winter Break (3 week break and no serious injuries), and we managed to squeeze in a quick getaway to Big Bear Lake, CA. Even with ALL THAT going on, I stayed on course (Lordy, I hope so, it’s my Purge Party and only week 1…way too early to lose steam!) and decluttered my Master Bedroom.

In full disclosure, I chose one of the easier rooms in my house first because I knew I had a lot to juggle this week! So customize your Purge Party for what works best for you! There is no RIGHT WAY to do it, as long as you are clearing things you don’t use or love, then you are doing it RIGHT – don’t put extra pressure on yourself!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen some of the behind the scenes photos…if you don’t follow me, well, watch ya waiting for!?!?! You can find me on Instagram here and Facebook here…come find me! Don’t leave me hanging, yo!

I’m not going into ALL of the details, but I will give you a few of the highlights and takeaways from this week! In total, I spent under an hour, so this week was not all that challenging for me, yet I know what is coming in the next few weeks – I’ve got some well-hidden shiznit in this house and it’s gotta go. Why is this important to share with you? Because everyone can find 30-60 minutes in their week to do this.

Need to borrow a motivational book? We’ve got a few!

1. Overall I didn’t need to get rid of much stuff because my bedroom is not really a landing place for junk (just wait for that when we hit the Master Closet and Garage – yikes😱)...I did find quite a few things that needed to be relocated…Gavin’s small collection of motivational books shoved under the bed, back to the bookshelf you go!

2. I did clear out our gift wrapping station and tossed and recycled quite a bit of things that were in bad shape or outdated (my kids are WAY TOO OLD to be gifting things in Minnie Mouse birthday bags). I channeled my inner Elsa and “Let it Go”!

3. Cleaning out our dresser drawers was a quick process. And if I am going to give you one helpful hint that is a TOTAL DRESSER DRAWER GAME CHANGER...wait for it…….fold your clothes the KonMari Method…it really is as FANTABULOUS as everyone says…see my shorts drawer….I can see everything I own all at once and it’s super organized! I was

going to make a video to show you how to do this, but honestly that sounds like a lot of work! So instead, I’ll just give you the link to the “Guru of Tidying and Folding” herself, Marie Kondo here.

If you are not currently using this method, honestly, take the 3 minutes to watch the video – you can thank me later! My husband made fun of me when I did his drawers and now he loves it. Seriously, ask him!!

4. Lastly, I’ve got to share my #1 Rule for making your Master Bedroom look uncluttered.

Not to get all Mama Bear on you, but I’m gonna shoot it to you straight….make your bed, sista!! Yep, that’s it…super easy and not time consuming. And because I’m a total dork, I even timed myself making my bed…and it took exactly 1:11.95 minutes…here’s the photo proof. Listen, we are all busy, but we all have 1 minute (and 11.95 seconds) to make our beds! So hop to it…you’ll have already achieved something for the day and a “made bed” is soooo much more comfortable to get back into at night!!

Alrighty my friends, that’s all I’ve got for you in my Purge Party Recap! I’d love to hear how your Purge Party is going!! Where did you start…in the Master Bedroom like me? Did you even start? If not, maybe just take 20 minutes today and begin…that’s the key. Take baby steps and just get started! You can do it!!

How much time is it taking you? Do you feel better and more clear minded after letting go of your junk? Let’s hear it, ladies, how’s it going…the good, the bad, and the beautiful.

Next on my Purge Party list – the Master Bathroom and Master Closet…it’s gonna be a challenge, but I’m ready to tackle it!!! 💪🏽

Until then, Cheers to Letting it Go! 🥂🖤

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