Top 10 Ways to Tell If You Are a Hotel Toiletries Hoarder

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

As Purge Party Week #2 is winding down, I have been cleaning out my Master Bathroom and realized that I might have a "teeny, tiny, slightly, huge" obsession with hotel I created a little list for you to tell if you might be a hotel toiletries hoarder too!

By my scientific assessment - you're guilty as charged if you answer "YES" to 5 or more of these warning signs.

10. You absolutely refuse to go camping because...duh, there are no free toiletries there!!

9. You have your husband book fancier hotels that notoriously have the best, free vanity sets even though the hotel costs $50 more per night.

8. Upon checking into your hotel, you run straight to the bathroom to assess the quality of the shampoo and conditioner…Neutrogena? Aveda? Gilchrist & Soames? L’Occitane? (AKA fancy French name I can’t pronounce - must be good!)

7. You stalk the housekeeping cart to see if it’s been left attended so you can take a few extra bottles of eucalyptus infused lotion. Score!

6. You rationalize that it’s not really “stealing” because they are giving them away anyway!!

5. You quickly and discreetly hide the toiletries in your suitcase right before the maid service comes because you know they will replenish them when they clean your room.

4. You tell your children to NOT use any of the soaps because you are saving them for "later" (clean, germ-free hands are so overrated anyway).

3. On occasion you’ve shed a tear when you realized you left the hotel without packing all of the samples that were on the counter.

2. You may have Googled to see if there was a “Hotel Toiletries Hoarders Anonymous” in your area and then found a Hotel Vanity Kit Lovers Meetup Group to join instead.

1. You have a little “collection" that looks like this...

* Some of the examples in this this list may or may not be from personal experience! *

Are you ready to let go of your "little collection" of hotel toiletries? Then check out my suggestions of what you can do with your over abundance of sample size goodies here!

P.S. (DISCLAIMER) If you are a hotel reading this and thinking about putting on us some kind of watch list, please understand this is all in good fun and greatly exaggerated of course 😉