How to Keep Kids Busy All Summer Long with a Bucket List

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It's that time of year when parents all over the country are eagerly awaiting spending every waking moment with their kids for the next 2 months...who am I kidding?? We are all just trying to make it through the insanity of the last few weeks of school while frantically trying to figure out what we are going to do with our kids all summer long (emphasis on the word LONG!)!

Unless you have unlimited financial resources, (which ain't me) then you are probably gearing up for the daily battle of the dreaded "Mom, I'm bored!".

So what's the antidote to a ho-hum summer of bored kids?....well let me tell you...get yourself organized and come up with a plan! Don't fret, dear friend! I'm here to help you! I've been in the trenches of motherhood for 16 years so I have some tried and true, no-fail ideas that will help you survive the summer!

1. Brainstorm

Before the end of the school year, sit down as a family, and have a session of verbal brainstorming all the fun things your kids would like to do this summer! You might be surprised by what sounds fun for them. I have found oftentimes, my "great ideas" actually don't sound that exciting to my kids, and in reverse, they think of things I wouldn't have considered.

Doing a quick family discussion aloud gets the idea juices flowing. I've created a list of 101 fun summer things to do with kids here if your family needs some extra inspiration and ideas.