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Plunging into Purge Party Week #3 in the Master Bedroom Closet

Does a messy bedroom closet have you losing your mind? Well, here’s a simple way to organize your master bedroom closet in 6 easy steps!

clothes hanging in the master bedroom closet

Week 3 of the Purge Party has begun and this is the ONE I have been waiting for!!! 

(More like massively dreading… YES, even though I love it, sometimes the task is daunting to me too)

We all have areas of our home that seem to be clutter magnets or dumping grounds for things that don’t have a designated spot in our house, and my Master Closet is THE Taj Mahal of clutter for me!!

To be totally transparent, I’ve been a bit anxious about diving in and decluttering it because I know it’s not going to be easy and there will be lots of decisions I need to make about what to keep and what to toss.

So here goes nothing…I’m taking a deep breath and plunging into Purge Party Week #3 – The Master Closet. (cue ominous music here).

I know it will be so worth it! 


1. See It in Your Mind

First things first. Before you commence, get a crystal, clear idea of what you hope your closet will look like…best case scenario in all it’s beauty.

I’m hoping for my high end, boutique and couture clothing to have a beautiful space to be on display and to be admired by millions.

Who am I kidding?

“I’m just a small town girl living in a lonely world…”

(Sorry, love that song) who prefers deals over name brands so I am simply hoping to have clothes I love that fit well, are clean, make me feel great, and that are neatly organized in my closet.

2. Got Music? 

Step #2, get out your 8 track player, boom box, iPod, Google Home, (whatever music player floats your boat, there’s no age-ism here) and play that funky music!

Choose whatever gets you in the mood to slay your closet!!

First on my playlist which seems totally appropriate for this challenging job…”I Will Survive”! 

3. Grab Your Boxes

Next up, you need your tools! Your labeled boxes should be ready to go!

– Rubbish/Trash

– Recycle/Regift

– Relocate/Move

– Retail/Sell

Choose the categories that works best for you!

4. Be Ruthless

You think Simon Cowell was rough on American Idol?

This is your time to give him a run for his money!!!

Be even MORE ruthless in your selection process...Only your favorite clothes get the Golden Ticket to stay!

Your closet is the perfect place to get real and release everything that is old, worn out, not flattering, out of style, or doesn’t fit.

Your focus needs to be on keeping only things you love and wear, and let go of everything else.

You should be able to walk in your closet and feel so much gratitude for what you have and how it looks.

The question I ask myself with clothing and shoes is “Would I buy this again today?”.

If your answer is a meh, maybe or no, then you know what to do (hide it in the back corner…just kidding…it’s gone girl)!

Honor your belongings by giving them to someone who will use them and enjoy them and honor yourself by letting go of things that no longer serve you.

5. Pile It All Up

Step #5, empty out EVERYTHING!!

I can hear your objections now…that’s a lot of work, it’s so much stuff!

Yes, I know, but this is what it looks like to truly only keep what you love!

This is imperative in the purge process!!

Only keep things that you truly feel good wearing…those acid wash pre-pregnancy jeans need to go buh-bye.

Do you really need a reminder of what size you were in your early 20’s and be honest, do you think that acid wash is coming back into style anytime soon?

Embrace and honor who you are now and eliminate anything that doesn’t reflect that.

When returning your beloved items (yes, only BELOVED things should stay), sort and hang them by type, length, and color.

There are lots of great organizing products out there and I will share some of my favorites in a future post soon!

6. Finish and Par-tay!

Lastly, dust, wipe down, vacuum all surfaces, and remove your 4 labeled boxes, & toast your accomplishment!!

You rocked it and you have a simplified, organized, decluttered closet and a wardrobe that truly reflects you!

Now take a deep breath and assess how it feels…tackling and finishing this task of organzing your master bedroom closet is a BIG DEAL!!

Congrats on taking a step to improving your life!

If you need some master bedroom closet organizing product ideas, check out my recommendations here!

Closet Organization

Need the short cut version of the Master Bedroom Closet purge process? I made this just for you!!

Next week, we will be focusing on the kiddos of the house and purging the Play Room/Game Closet! (that should be fun, for real!)

Until then, Cheers to a simpler life and Cheers to you letting go of the past and what no longer serves you anymore! 

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