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5 Things to Declutter in a Fall Purge to Celebrate the Changing Seasons of Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to declutter and organize these five areas of your home and life with a Fall Purge. Make simplifying easy by releasing those things you no longer use and love.

Fall Bouquet

Can you feel it??

Autumn is upon us…

Changing leaves, cool brisk breezes, orange-hued sunsets…

Who am I kidding, we don’t have ANY of those things here in SoCal, but we do have pumpkin spice beverages at Starbucks, so that makes it officially Fall in San Diego!

Just like the trees releasing their leaves, fall is the ideal time to shed some things you no longer need, want, or use.

It’s the perfect time for a quick “Fall Purge.”

So here are 5 simple things you can declutter this fall to celebrate the changing seasons.

Decluttering should not be stressful or overly time consuming, so let’s keep it easy breezy.


Colorful Pool floats

1. Pool/Beach Items

Summer is now long gone, so it’s time to toss all of those seasonal items that didn’t get used or are worn out.

Some things you may want to sort through and assess are…

– Beach Towels – any worn-out frayed ones can be tossed, or better yet, donated to a local animal shelter.

– Pool Bag, Water Toys, and Inflatables – if you make frequent trips to the pool, by the end of the summer, so many of the things like snorkels, floaties, and dive sticks are totally trashed.

Toss anything that isn’t in good working condition.

– Aquatics Bag – clean out that bag of any trash, old sunscreen, and miscellaneous pool items.

– Beach Games and Toys – surf/boogie boards, umbrellas, and sand toys can take a real beating at the beach, so toss any that are damaged and unusable.

2. Momma-Mobile

Messy trunk of a car


If your vehicle is anything like mine, it’s still got a few remnants left over from summer break…beach chairs, kids’ snack wrappers, and empty water bottles.

It’s time to clear that stuff out and get your car organized. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to have a clutter-free car!!


3. Seasonal Wardrobe

Pink Bikini in Sand

Swimsuits, coverups, flip flops, oh my!

Got old summer clothes that you no longer like or wear?

Stop holding on to things that you don’t feel good in. Pass them along to someone who will enjoy them by donating them!

While you are at it, as you start wearing cooler weather clothes, give away any pants, jackets, sweaters that don’t make the wardrobe cut anymore!

(If you want some inspiration of ways to organize your closet, be sure to check out my post about my favorite closet organizing products here)

Best Closet Organizers


4. Beauty Product Purge

Beauty Products

Love trying new products and then decide they aren’t really what you wanted? (hello, self-tanners lurking under my sink).

I think there is something innate in most of us that wants to hang onto those things we spent “good money” on even though we don’t like them and know we aren’t ever going to use them!

Instead of feeling guilty about letting them go, maybe offer them to a friend who might like them.

I promise you that keeping them hidden in your bathroom isn’t going to make you feel any better. They are then a reminder of the money you wasted. So go ahead and toss, donate or pass them along!

Now is a great time to also get rid of any makeup that you’ve had for more than a year. Yep, it’s time to break up with your makeup that is old, unloved, or just plain ugly!


5. Outdoor Tools & Products

Garden hose wound up on a wall

Garages and storage sheds are notorious for being clutter catchers.

Invest a little time to responsibly trash old yard products that you don’t use or are expired. (check your local government about paints and toxic chemicals disposal sites)

Don’t forget to also purge any tools you know you no longer need (yes, get rid of that stupid looking pickax thing in the corner of the garage collecting dust that looks like someone might lose a finger trying to use).

You’ll be ready for spring planting and yard prepping by having all of the old stuff gone!

While you are at it, spruce up your stash of barbecue tools by getting rid of worn-out utensils (adios, rusty spatula) and grill supplies!

Before you know it, it will be Memorial Day again and you’ll be ready to host a backyard party!

For this Fall Purge, my suggestion is to take one area to tackle per week and spend no more than 30-45 minutes. In fact, you can quite easily take an hour and knock off many things on the list.

Make it fun…turn on some tunes, and the job will be done before you know it!

I can guarantee, just like a great work out, you’ll feel so much lighter after the Fall Purge with a sense of accomplishment!!

Last but not least…don’ forget to treat yourself for a job well done…Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?

Until next time, cheers to you and cheers to a new season!



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