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Purge Party Introduction – Detox, and Diets, and Cleanses Oh My!

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Cue the Confetti Quote

The New Year has arrived and you know what that means…New Year’s Eve Hangovers and Headaches?

No, I’m talking about the onslaught of “experts” who tell you it’s the perfect time to tackle the things you don’t want to do (which begs the question…is there a “perfect” time for doing shiznit you absolutely hate?)

I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE…Pinterest, Newsletters, Instagram, Emails, Facebook, TV…

heck, a carrier pigeon stopped by with a message about it…

they all declare “Now is the time to take care of what you’ve been avoiding”...

losing weight, decluttering, exercising, getting out of debt…

You know, the stuff we all like to pretend doesn’t exist, but it does find its way to set up residency in our hearts and minds.

But, I gotta be honest with you…

I HATE diets, detoxes, challenges, budgets, cleanses, and Florida beaches where they let retired men wear thongs (oops, off topic pet peeve)...

really anything that feels restrictive in any way is a BUZZ KILL in my book, and I ultimately know I won’t stick with it if I have resistance from the beginning.

So what’s a girl to do?

DA DA TADA…make it into a PARTY!!!

Who doesn’t love a PARTY? (if you are one of those party pooper kind of peeps, better stop reading, this may be way too much fun for you!)

If you haven’t notice I am a HUGE fan of having a simplified, decluttered, organized home and, hello, this blog is called “Organize Zen” after all!!

So here’s what we are going to do…yes, WEyou and me (and whoever else you can drag into this awesomeness).

For the next 12 weeks we are going to whoop it up by removing everything from our physical surroundings that we don’t love or isn’t useful…it’s going to be a BLAST…it’s going to be a…PARTY!

Or even better…




Now doesn’t that sound a whole heck of a lot more fun than a cleanse, or detox, or diet…

maybe they should seriously just call those things a resolution colonoscopy with how UNFUN (I add new words to the dictionary every day) those things sound!!!

So here it is in a nutshell…I’m hosting a PURGE PARTY, and YOU are INVITED.

I cross my heart – I don’t hope to die – that it’s going to be fun and you are going to feel so amaze-a-balls afterward (much better than how most of my peeps feel after parties at my house, just ask my Bunco Babe Friends)

For the next 3 months I am going to let go of a lot of crap in my house room by room, and I hope you will you join me in this simplifying soiree.

It’s probably time for you to let go of stuff that no longer serves you too…time to make room for only things you love and use!

I’m sure you are on the EDGE of your seat waiting to hear the details of this PURGE PARTY

I can totally sense your eagerness and excitement through the screen…

ok, maybe I get a little too excited for this stuff BUT just wait until you get to experience what happens after!

Step 1 Sign up for my weekly newsletter on my website here so you can get weekly updates and inspiration…

just consider me to be your personal CLUTTER COACH for the next 12 weeks.

I’ve got your back, girl – you can do this!

Step 2 – Follow me on Instagram (here)

I’m going to be posting helpful hints and super sexy simplifying tips…(bet you didn’t know getting organized can be super sexy!?!)

Step 3 – Mentally prepare for the PARTY – like any totally epic, life-changing party, you gotta’ get in the right frame of mind…

so here’s the only thing on your PARTY LIST this week…

read through and commit to the PURGE PARTY PACT AND PROMISE

️It’s right here below ⬇️

Purge Party pact and promise

Step 4
– Grab your favorite cocktail and toast to YOURSELF for taking the first step in living your best life…clutter-free, simplified, and organized!!!

Stay Tuned – Next week the real fun begins…Cue the Confetti…it’s almost PURGE PARTY TIME !!!!! … it’s going to be EPIC!!!!

Purge Party Week 1

Psst – Ready to jump right in to Week #1 of the Purge Party?  Here it is…You can check out how to organize your Master Bedroom here!

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