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9 Best Products to Organize a Teenage Room

Tired of your teen’s messy room? Here are the 9 best products to organize a teenage room for any tidying and decluttering home projects. Simplify and organize your life and house with these must-have organization products and tools.

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Let’s face it…being a teenager is not always easy! Friend drama, hormones, social media, homework, breakouts…honestly it can be a tricky age, and being a parent of a teen can be equally challenging.

I mean have you looked in your teen’s rooms lately?

It can be totally terrifying!

Us parents are all a bit helpless when it comes to teenage struggles, but one area that you can be of assistance in helping them is getting organized!

So how exactly can you help your teen be more organized?

1. Be their Purge Party partner and help them clean out their bedroom!

Not sure how to organize a teen’s bedroom? You can read about my organization ideas for kids’ bedrooms here!

Creating an organized teenage bedroom is a wonderful and fun way to bond with your adolescent while also assisting them in designing a space that your teen loves!

2. Provide the most functional and efficient organizing products to keep them organized!

There are so many types of organizing products on the market which can be so helpful in creating a functional space for your teen, but it also can be overwhelming to know which ones are the best!

So, here are my top recommendations to keep your teen’s room an organized space and clutter-free!

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9 Best Products to Organize a Teenage Room

1. Set of 3 Wall Mounted Rustic Organizer

wall wire baskets

My teen daughters have all sorts of paper clutter…homework, magazines, school files, letters, and receipts, and these 3 separate wire baskets that hang on the wall are the perfect place for keeping it all organized!

What I love the most is that they come with erasable chalkboard labels so you can customize them! What a stylish way to stay organized and to maximize space that is normally unused on the walls!

2. Extra Large Storage Baskets

Extra-large storage baskets

This large, cotton, woven storage bin will ensure that your teen isn’t a “basket-case” (My apologies, I can’t resist a pun!).

All kid spaces whether it’s a bedroom, game room, or playroom, need a place to store those big, bulky items….blankets, pillows, childhood stuffed animals, (boyfriends)!

I mean you really can not have too much storage space when it comes to kids, especially teen girls!

Besides being awesome to store blankets, you can use them for dirty laundry! There is something a little less repulsive about dirty clothes if it’s not on a pile on the floor and is hidden in a tote or basket.

Regardless of how you use it, all of your teen’s stuff will look so much more organized in one of these storage baskets.

I totally dig that they have several style options to match your teen’s room color palette too. It’s amazing what colorful canvas baskets can do to add a pop of color to your teen’s bedroom!

3. Bedside Storage Pocket Caddy Organizer

Gray bedside storage pocket caddy organizer

My kids spend A TON of time in bed…it’s their top location choice for reading (Ha! As if…but it sounds good!), watching Youtube and Netflix, studying, playing video games, pretty much everything! It’s like an extra hidden hanging shelf!

So this bedside fabric pocket caddy is ideal for their bedrooms because the 4 pockets give enough to hold water bottles, books, magazines, remotes, iPads, phones, earphones, pencils. It provides extra storage space for all the day-to-day teen bedroom essentials! (and hopefully not dirty dishes)

It’s so darn versatile and super simple to install by sliding the steel frame between the mattress and box spring or bed frame, so no tools are required!

4. Wall or Door Mounted Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

Hanging Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

My two teen daughters have quite a bit of jewelry and find it challenging to keep it all neatly organized. I mean tangled necklaces are the worst!!

This jewelry cabinet can be hung on a wall or on a door and makes it so easy to keep all those accessories tidy, and it’s a full-length mirror! Talk about being a dual-use product!

What’s even better…this is a jewelry organizer that can be used their whole life past their teenage years… dang, I wish I had this back in the day!

5. Electronics Charging Station

Electronics charging station

It’s no secret that teenagers and electronics go hand in hand, and the lack of electronics and phone cords is ALWAYS a source of disagreements in our house!

That problem is solved with this electronics charging station!!

It is available in a variety of colors and even comes with 5 charging cables, so there’s no more need for cord dis-cord. (Pun #2, I’m on a roll!)

You can also use it as a desk organizer because it gives more space on the desktop by storing so many electronics in one spot!

6. StorageWorks Closet Hanging Organizer

Hanging closet organizer with shelves

Do you know what is as amazing as an organized room…an organized closet!!

The StorageWorks closet hanging organizer will keep your teen’s closet neat and tidy while maximizing the available vertical space with added shelf space to store closet items like shoes, hats, t-shirts, and other accessories.

That means no more finding piles of clothes shoved onto the floor of the closet and no more excuses for why their closets are so unsightly!

7. Fabric Wall Door Closet Hanging Storage

Striped fabric wall or door closet hanging storage organiser

This striped pocket over the door organizer can be placed on the back of any door for hidden storage and it’s all kinds of versatile!

Notebooks, books, magazines, knick-knacks…you can store so many things in one spot! The design is so cute that you can even hang it on the wall and it won’t be an eyesore!

Bonus round: need more bathroom storage for your teen?

You can also use it to keep makeup, hair accessories, and even hair dryers and curling irons neatly stowed when not in use!

8. 12-Shelf Display Rack Bookcase

12 shelf display rack

You get so much bang for your buck with this display rack because it allows such a large storage area for books, magazines, toys, photo frames, plants, and artwork.

This tree-shaped shelf can be used as a bookcase, storage shelf, or even room divider, which makes it totally tree-mendous in my book! (yep, the third one, in case you lost count!)

9. White Storage 3 Tier Metal Rolling Organizer Cart

White storage 3 tiered rolling cart

Does your teen need a place to keep their art and crafts supplies?

Or maybe they need a spot to store their favorite books and magazines?

Or possibly they may need a bedside table?

There are a dozen uses for this super versatile rolling cart!!

Heck, you might need to buy two!

So there you have it, friends, that rounds out my TOP PICKS for 9 Best Products to Organize a Teenage Room.

I am totally obsessed with organizing products, so I’d love to hear what you use to keep your teen’s room neat and tidy??

Leave a comment and let me know your favorites!!

Until next time, cheers to a tidy teen (no that’s not an oxymoron), and cheers to you!



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