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Week #5 Purge Party in the Kids’ Bedrooms – How to Easily Get Rooms Clean & Organized

Make organizing, tidying, simplifying, and decluttering your kids’ bedrooms fun and easy in 6 simple steps!

Purge Party in Kids' Bedrooms


Purge Party…Week 5…be there or be square! It’s time to to tackle the kids’ bedrooms!!

By now, you’ve probably got the hang of decluttering, but in case you are just joining the Purge Party, here’s a quick rundown of the purge process!



1. Get a Vision


First things first…before you do ANYTHING…stop, drop and roll!

Oh wait, never mind, wrong blog post!

Sorry, bad joke… before you begin, be very clear in what you envision for the space that you are organizing.

For the kids’ bedrooms, it’s really important to have your kiddos help by sharing what they want for their bedrooms.

Are they wanting a place where they can relax?

Or be creative?

Or have friends over?

Or play Xbox too many hours a day?

Or read (ha ha in my house on that one)?

Or snuggle with their dog?

Ask your kids to visualize what they want their bedrooms to be like! If they are excited about the end product, then the “work” part will seem much more fun and worthwhile for them!

2. Face the Music


Step #2 of the Purge Party is usually one of my favorite steps, but this time you might need to do a little compromising…let your kiddos choose what music is inspiring for them to purge!

In my case, there’s gonna be A LOT of old school, gangster rap…bring it on, Biggie and 2Pac (my 11 year old son is a BIG fan & my hubby is thrilled)!

Whatever tunes inspire your child to get into the purge, play it and pump it up!!

3. Got Gear?


It’s on to Step #3…. grab your labeled boxes to help you sort that shiz-nit!

– Rubbish/Trash

– Recycle/Regift

– Relocate/Move

– Retail/Sell

These boxes/containers will make things much easier when it’s time to sort all of the kid stuff!

4. It’s Maleficent Time

Up next…be a ruthless, tyrant, Disney Villain..not to your kids, but toward that JUNK!!!

This is the PERFECT TIME to teach your children to only keep things that they truly love and use.

The skill of releasing unused and unloved possessions will be a skill they use their ENTIRE LIFE…this concept is as important to teach to your children as the other necessary life skills!





Potty Training


Tying Shoes

Preparing Food

Doing Laundry


➡️Decluttering and Organizing ⬅️

5. Expose the Magical Mess


Kids are MASTERS at hiding messes…I’m sure I don’t have to prove this point to any parent out there…we all know that they are FREAKIN’ MESS MAGICIANS!!

The only way to truly make the mess disappear is to pull it all out into the light of day and sort it all out!

Remember those labeled boxes?

Grab ’em and use ’em!

Try to make this step fun, easy, and light-hearted!

Some kids (and adults too) have a tendency to overthink the discarding process, so if there are items they just aren’t sure about, put them in a special box and store them in the garage for a designated period of time.

Set a reminder on your phone that if they are wanting any of those “fence sitter” objects in the next month, then they can find a designated spot for them in their room.

If after a month they don’t miss any of the objects, it’s time to pass all those items on to another child who will use and cherish them!

While deciding, what to keep there are truly only two questions that you need to ask your child…

1. Do you love it?

2. Do you use it?

If there is a “yes”, then keep them!

If it’s a “no”, then out they go!

Keep it simple!

6. Bring on the Par-Tay!

Last but not least, clean, dust, vacuum all surfaces, and remove your 4 labeled boxes, & it’s time to celebrate!!

Now is the time to fist bump and high five your child and celebrate a job well done!

Do something special with your child to celebrate…play a game, have a dance party, enjoy a special meal, indulge in a favorite treat…make this a special occasion!

Also, don’t forget to COMPLIMENT YOUR CHILDREN and THEIR ORGANIZED ROOMS frequently…it’s amazing how a little parental praise can go a LONG WAY and will encourage them to keep their space tidy!

Need the short and sweet version?

Your wish is my command!!

Ready to do this and organize your kids’ bedrooms?

I’d love to hear how your kids responded (funny stories especially welcome) and how it went at your house!!

Soak up your time with the kids…now that my kids are getting older, it’s shocking how fast it goes!

(Yes, so cliche, but honestly it’s true!!)

Need more organizing inspiration??

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Hope we can be virtual friends!!

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