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The 7 Ways Organizing Your Shiznit Will Radically Transform Your Life

Totally stressed out by life? Feel like your house is a complete mess? Got no motivation to tidy and simplify? Well, I’ve got the “pep talk” for you!! Find out the top 7 reasons why decluttering and organizing can totally transform and improve your life!!

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about organizing. You could even say at times I’ve been OBSESSED. Yep, I was that little kid who organized the house…for FUN.

Maybe a little (or A LOT) weird, but true.

Now that my kids are getting older and my mothering role is changing, a few months ago I decided to start a blog about my passion for organizing.

Honestly, I was scared and wasn’t quite sure about the direction I wanted to take, yet I fought through my fears and just simply began.

Of course I wanted to show people how to organize their homes and offices, YET I really wanted to go much deeper than just organizing a sock drawer.

I wanted to help people make organizing a lifestyle because of how beneficial it would be to their life like it has been to mine.

And wouldn’t you know it…BAM!…It’s like every guru, marketing expert, and famous person is now talking about organizing RIGHT WHEN I START MY BLOG (Hello, KonMari, I’m looking at YOU!!)…or at least it feels that way to me.

BUT very few people (including yours truly) have really focused on WHY organizing is so important and how it is not just beneficial, but ESSENTIAL to the life you want to create.

In fact, the entire reason I started this blog was for what I’m about to share with you…

It’s my intention to help lovely, capable women just like you (or any amazing, highly evolved men who happen to find themselves here) have an organized “lifestyle” and not just the most recent “Spark Joy” fad that comes and goes in a few weeks.

More LOVE, more PURPOSE, more MEANING, more ABUNDANCE, and more JOY are all connected to being organized.

So here it is…


My Top 7 Reasons Being Organized Will Change Your Life

1. Honor and Heal Your Personal Issues and Blocks


Have you ever heard the statement “Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world”?

Well, what the hell does that mean, right?

When I first heard this idea, I didn’t like the sound of it AT ALL because some of my thoughts and feelings are a complete MESSY DISASTER.

And that’s when it clicked for me, and I began to realize this statement is not only true, but it’s also profound.

Our outer world reflects our inner world means that when we feel good, and clear, and aligned, and productive on the inside, our physical life (what we see, touch, hear, smell, and experience with our senses) will be much more congruent and aligned with those feelings resulting in outcomes we seek and prefer.

Hate to break it you, but the opposite is true too! If we feel like crap, are uninspired, have no meaning, and there isn’t much fun or joy that we are feeling, THEN what shows up in our lives will be just like those feelings because we will be creating that negative reality into our experience.

Think about it… all that extra stuff in our drawers, closets, and garages that at one time were used to fill a void or make us feel temporarily better are now being hidden, only to be forgotten and never dealt with…

Just like our own inner shit… all the disappointments, wounds, and negative life experiences we’ve never acknowledged or want to disappear by ignoring them are right there, hidden under the exterior facade.

We all have an emotional closet full of deep rooted crap and negative feelings that have not been acknowledged and released.

These unconscious emotions are always there just under the surface and then we wonder why we explode at the kids for not cleaning their room (oh wait, maybe that’s just me).

Here’s what happens when you declutter and organize your closets and drawers and all that jazz….you demonstrate to yourself that you are serious about “change” and that you want to sort through your shit so you can leave it behind.

It’s a metaphorical cleansing of your physical life which in turn heals your inner world.

Now I realize this may sound about as fun as bird shit hitting you in the face at lunch while on vacation (yes that’s happened to me, for realz), but I can promise you that it’s deeply cathartic to let go of objects and release the past.

All the stuff physical and non-physical that no longer serves you is holding you back.

When you clean your life, you clear your life.

Outer World = Inner World

2. Live with MORE Energy & LESS Stress


I don’t know about you, but having crap everywhere is exhausting and weighs me down. If I sit down at my desk, and there is stuff sprawled out everywhere, it immediately deflates my mood and just feels sucky.

Right then and there, rather than getting stuff done, I’m already feeling the funk (often times without evening knowing it) ALL because my physical environment is scattered and messy.

Not only does the mess bring me down, I am frequently unable to find what I am looking for under the piles in my workspace!!

It’s STRESSFUL to feel messy and to not find things!

When I sit down at my desk and it’s already clean and uncluttered, it feels amazing and productive already WITHOUT even having done anything (WINNING).

It simply just feels good to be clutter-free so we can FULLY engage in the activity we were about to do.

3. Attain Pure, Unbridled Freedom


There’s a saying “we own our stuff or our stuff owns us.”

Okay, maybe I just made that up yet doesn’t it feel so true? (I might just have a future in quote creations!)

Most of us buy all sorts of stuff that we think we “need” then rarely use it, and then go buy more stuff repeating the same cycle over and over again.

Getting rid of stuff we aren’t using is the definition of FREEDOM.

We do not “NEED” stuff to feel good about ourselves.

We don’t need to hoard our belongings to feel safe. We don’t need to keep buying things to fill some void.

The removal of material objects that don’t serve you anymore is FREEING.

Not relying on more stuff hoping it will solve your problems is FREEING.

Freedom is the action of not depending on anything or anyone for what you are able to do and how you feel.

YOU GET TO DECIDE who you are and how you want to feel, and releasing possessions that you no longer use is proof in action that your stuff DOES NOT define you.

You are already FREE, and organizing your life is the demonstration of this truth.

4. Achieve Your Goals Easier & Faster


Ever feel like the more you try, the harder it is?

I’ve felt like this often, AND I can almost always attribute it to things being out of alignment in my personal life.

It’s simple to see, when you truly become are and pay attention to what’s really happening.

When we are constantly cleaning up messes and running around like a chicken with its heads cut off, we aren’t getting anywhere.

There is no focus, no direction, and no purpose which demonstrates we are more like a sailboat without sails drifting uncontrollably to an unknown destination.

On the other hand, when our life is organized, it’s the physical action that we are being deliberate about how we live our lives.

We know what we want, and we have a plan to GET SHIT DONE.

Being organized is undeniable proof to ourselves that we have a DEFINITE direction we want to go AND when we are organized, our intention for the life we want ends up working much better.

Accomplishing the goal of being organized helps make our other goals easier for two reasons.

First, because we are proving to ourselves that we are capable of accomplishing what we set out to do, and we show ourselves we mean business when we have focus and clarity.

Secondly, it opens up energy and space to deliberately focus on the goals that really matter to us thus making them easier and faster to achieve.

This is known as the “The Vacuum Law of Prosperity” which basically states in order to attract whatever it is you desire to be, do or have in your life, you have to make room for it.

Getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t matter and organizing what you want to keep leaves more time and the ability to focus on what you actually want to create.

Don’t we all want our goals to become easier to achieve!?!?

Bring out the vacuum, please!

5. Save Precious Time and Energy


Did you know that the average person spend the equivalent of 2 years if their life looking for items they’ve misplaced!!

That’s seriously NUTSO!!! Is that how you want to be spending your time?

Not me, I’ll use those two years for vacationing instead!! Now, where’s my passport…just kidding!

I know exactly where it is because I organized my shit!! Imagine what you could do with two years extra time!

Now spending 20 minutes decluttering your closet doesn’t sound like a bad investment, huh?


6. Be a Skinny, Rich Goddess


Did you know that when people clean our their homes, they often lose weight and lessen their debt?

It’s true!!

Google it!!

When you decrease your consumption in one area, it extends to other aspects of your life too!

Organize, lose weight and increase wealth…heck, who knew organizing was ALMOST like magic??

7. Have More Meaning & Purpose


Having more more meaning is by far my favorite reason to be organized!!!

We women have a tendency to judge ourselves and our worth based on our looks, productivity, and mothering/spouse abilities.

Therefore, when we don’t already feel good about ourselves in one of those areas, we BUY shit to fill the void and try to satiate that emptiness.

And guess what?

We still don’t feel better.

So why is that?

The STUFF we buy is a temporary answer to a long-term problem regarding how we feel about ourselves in a certain area of our life.

So just imagine all of the things we’ve bought in order to make ourselves feel better.

And yes, there is nothing wrong with buying nice things, BUT when we have more things in our closets than days in the year, IT’S A PROBLEM.

TRUTH… we BUY a bunch of extra stuff and KEEP too much junk we don’t need BECAUSE it makes us TEMPORARILY feel like we have meaning and purpose in our life.

Only, it’s a lie.

There is no substance to it.

I enjoy clothes, cars, and nice things just as much as anyone else, BUT a piece of clothing or an object has never provided me longterm worth or satisfaction with who I am as a person.

When the reliance on “stuff” is removed from your life, it allows space for all the things that really matter to you to come into your experience.

In fact, it almost pushes you to get clear on what really matters to you and how you purposefully want to live your life RATHER than be distracted by gathering more stuff.

Being organized lets you face yourself, gives you the time, and supports you toward that inner beauty.

You my friend are wonderful.

You are love.

You are joy and abundance and a gift to this world.

The “stuff” is meant to be a perk and fun.

IT was never meant to be the ANSWER or to provide the meaning, love, and purpose we all crave.

When you remove the clutter and live purposely in an organized space, you will get to experience how marvelous you are and how extraordinary this world can be.

Try it and see for yourself. Not just for a month.

Commit to making it a lifestyle.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not nearly as organized as I want to be and intend to be in my life.

Sure, my closets and drawers look pretty damn good, yet I have much more to “work” through.

I get to do this with amazing women like you, and it’s a huge reason I started this blog…to hold myself accountable, and live my best, deliberate life while helping others do the same.

And remember as you ponder this blog post, this is a journey, step-by-step, that you get to take. It’s your choice.

There is no “have to”.

There is not right way or wrong way.

It’s you CHOOSING to make organization a part of your lifestyle SO you can experience the best life has to offer and experience a meaningful life in so many different ways.

I would love to hear which reason above resonated with you the most (feel free to comment below or even email me).

Also, grab an organizing buddy and share this blog with them. Have coffee, tea or a glass or two of wine (no driving) and share your feelings with them… how you would like to be more organized?… and then go read some of my other posts that show you how to get started!

All right, lovely ladies (and highly evolved gents), I’m outta here…I’m pretty sure it’s time for happy hour! So here’s a toast to organizing your shiznit! Cheers!!




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