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How to Thank Your Delivery Driver This Holiday with a Basket of Refreshments

Here’s a wonderful idea to spread Holiday Cheer to your hardworking Delivery Drivers…a snack basket filled with refreshments and drinks to enjoy along with a free printable sign to show your gratitude to thank your delivery driver!

It’s the Holiday Season, the time of year to spread holiday cheer by leaving a little gift to those who are working the hardest this time of the year…

The dedicated, hard-working delivery drivers!! (excluding Santa and the elves, of course)

With all the online shopping I’ve done this year, my delivery people are constantly making trips to my porch to ring the doorbell and leave packages at my front door.

They’ve made my holiday shopping so easy because I don’t have to run a million errands to cross everyone off my list this year!

I saw this excellent idea on Instagram and Pinterest and thought to myself…

“This is brilliant – I’ve got to totally steal this!!”

So that’s exactly what I did! And I’m so glad I did because it’s been so much fun that I knew I had to share it all with you! It’s amazing what a small act of kindness can do not only for the recipient but also for the person showing and sharing the gratitude.

Printable sign and snacks to thank your delivery driver

Good news…
this great idea of creating a snack basket for your delivery driver is a super easy and it’s such a  fun thing to put together and…

DOUBLE good news, I made it even easier cause I made a free printable sign for you to download, print, and voila’, it’s done!!

I know that December is not only the Holiday Season for most people, but it is also the BUSY season for just about everyone I know, so I will break down the “how-to” into simple & easy steps.

I promise you, not only will you feel great about honoring your delivery driver, it will be greatly appreciated by each delivery person who arrives at your home to ring your doorbell!

1. Purchase and Gather Treats to Thank Your Delivery Driver:

This first step is not too difficult because you can either go out to the grocery store or any other discount store (my personal fave is The Dollar Tree) and purchase some refreshments.

Snack Ideas for the Delivery Driver Basket:

  • Trail mix
  • Snack-size packages of chips, popcorn, or pretzels
  • Water bottles
  • Granola bars
  • Beef jerky
  • Candy canes
  • Protein bars
  • Nuts
  • Candy bars
  • Fresh fruit
  • Soft drinks

*Helpful Tip #1* – If you live in a warm place like me, you may want to set out a small cooler to offer cold drinks or cold water/bottled water.

Your mail carrier,  Fed Ex driver, or UPS driver will absolutely love having something cold and refreshing to drink while they are putting in long grueling hours of hard work getting all the packages delivered.

*Helpful Tip #2* – If you are short on time and can’t get to the store to buy snacks, you can use your own family stash of snacks and other treats… I frequently refill our basket with lunch bag snacks from our pantry or leftover Halloween candy.

*Helpful Tip #3* – If you have any extra few bottles of hand sanitizers, you can set those out for your drivers too!

I’m sure they will appreciate having germ-free hands while they grab a quick snack!

2. Print Out Free Printable Signs to Thank Your Delivery Driver

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukkah, or any other winter holiday (where are my Festivus fans?), you can choose which thank you sign best reflects the holiday your family celebrates.

There are two options of free printables:

Christmas Sheet (Red and Green)

Holiday Sheet (Blue and White)

Click on the image to get the free Printable Signs!

Delivery Driver Printable Snack Signs

Once you have printed out your sign on white paper, place it in a frame to protect it from the outdoor elements.

3. Get a Basket or Container and Fill to Thank Your Delivery Driver

Now that you have your sign printed and framed, and your snacks gathered, it’s time to assemble your basket.  You can either buy a new container or find one you already have around your home to use!

4. Set Out the Treat Basket and Sign to Thank Your Delivery Driver

Last but not least, set all the goodies and the thank you sign in a place where your delivery drivers can’t miss it!

And just like that…TA-DA!!! That’s all you need to do to thank your delivery driver!

It’s such a simple way to make someone’s day, and isn’t that what the Holiday Season is all about anyway?

Do you leave little holiday treats for other community helpers in your life…Trash Collector? Mail Carrier?

If you need more festive, creative gift ideas, check out my Pinterest Board Called “Holiday Gift Ideas”.

I’ve also written more posts about small acts of kindness you can do around Christmas time.

Here’s what I did to thank the mail carrier:

Mail carrier holiday thank you gift

I’d love to hear what cool things you are doing to share the festive cheer or other ways you thank your delivery driver…let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, cheers to spreading Holiday kindness, and cheers to you!



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