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The 9 Best Products to Organize Shoes

If you are looking for simple yet effective shoe storage solutions, then I’ve got the top 9 best products to organize shoes.

Does this scene look familiar?

A gigantic shoe collection on the floor of your entryway!

Messy pile of shoes in a hallway

Please tell me I’m not alone in this nightmare!! 

I mean, am I the only one who faces a pile of footwear as they enter their house?

I’m thrilled that my children (and biggest “kid”, aka Mr. Organizen) actually listen to me when I tell them to not wear their shoes on the carpet (#momwin) B-U-T…

the messy mountain of shoes that’s expanding in my entryway is enough to make this lady lose her mind!

To figure out the best way to store shoes in my house, I decided to do some research to figure out how to solve this terrible, problematic pile o’ shoes because what’s currently going on is clearly not the best way to organize your shoes!

You don’t have to be a professional organizer or an expert from the Container Store to find a simple solution to this age-old problem of shoe storage.

And before I reveal my #1 final choice that I used in my own home, I’d love to share with you some ideas that were the top contenders because maybe they can help you customize the perfect storage solution if you too are dealing with this messy problem-o!

So let me share my top 9 shoe storage solutions!

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Simple Storage Solutions to Organize Shoes

1. Woven Taupe Tote with Metal Handles




Gray Woven Basket

I first looked at this tote as a strong possibility as a shoe organizer because I thought the color would work well in my home, and it seemed easy to care for since you could wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth to keep it looking as good as new for a clean up after dirty shoes.

I also like how it does not take up too much floor space!

But I was a bit worried about its size and storage capacity, which left me wondering if it would be able to hold too many shoes.



2. Shoe Rack Bench w/Padded Seat



White bench shoe organizer

I also love this bench idea…this one is super functional, but I was not sure how I felt about the aesthetics of seeing the open shelf.

We have a lot of worn shoes which just wouldn’t look as nice to see old dirty clod hoppers in the shoe cubbies!

Plus I felt like it might take up more space than I have room for in my entry.  It might work be better in a mudroom or garage or even a closet.

But man do I love that you can custom the cubby size to accommodate high heels, slip ons, athletic shoes, and even tall boots – now that’s genius!


3. Two Drawer Shoe Cabinet



White 2 drawer shoe organizer

One of my top contenders was this cool shoe cabinet, which was a bit pricier, but I liked that you don’t see the shoes at all.  It really utilizes vertical space in such a genius way!

The main reason I didn’t go this route is that I had a little “reality check” with myself…

My family members are just kinda’ lazy when it comes to tidying up after themselves, and I was pretty certain they would not consistently place their shoes inside.

I had parental premonitions that all the shoes would simply be heaped in front of this beautiful shoe storage unit.

I mean really, that’s a lot to ask…opening the cabinet door of the shoe rack and placing your shoes inside!


4. 25 Cube Shoe Organizer



24 Cubbie Shoe Organizer

Well, hello, beautiful!

This large cubbie to organize shoes would really do the trick to keep track of so many shoes!!

Amazingly, it can hold 25 pairs of shoes, and that would work really well for a larger family like mine!

In my last house, I had one very similar in my garage, and it was one of my favorite organizing products in my house.

Sadly, I don’t have more space in my current garage to get another one!

5. Hallway Storage Bench with Two Drawers and Padded Seat Cushion



White Bench Shoe Organizer with Gray Pad

Here’s another bench that I was considering because it’s so cute, and I like it better than the other bench since the shoes are “hidden” in the drawers. 

It also holds up to nine pairs which would work well for my family!

The only thing that made me second guess it as my final choice to organize shoes is that I was worried it might take up too much space in my entryway because my hallway is not very wide.

I was concerned the sizing might look out of place in my particular home floor plan, otherwise, it’s definitely on my favorites list!

6. Woven Basket with Handles



Woven storage basket with 2 handles

This extra-large woven basket is one of the most versatile organizing products around…toys, blankets, stuffed animals, shoes…I mean, you can use it for just about anything! 

It’s large in size so can hold all your shoes.

I was a bit worried about keeping it clean because my kids’ shoes can get D-I-R-T-Y, otherwise, this would definitely be a finalist in my search too!!

7. White Farmhouse Cabinet


White Farmhouse Shoe Cabinet

If you are into the more rustic “farmhouse” look that is currently all the rage, this cabinet might be the one for you!

It’s got FANTASTIC online ratings, and it’s so appealing to the eyes!

I also really love that it looks like a nice piece of furniture and not just a “shoe rack”.

All the unsightly & stinky shoes are totally hidden from sight!

8. Wire Basket with Liner


Gray metal basket with white liner

I’m a huge fan of baskets as an organizing tool…you toss about anything inside and it looks “tidy” because it’s not in a giant pile on the ground!

These baskets have a washable liner so if they do get dirty you can toss them in the laundry, and they come out clean as a whistle (not really sure if whistles are all that clean though!)

I also realized that unlike some of the furniture-style shoe storage products, this basket is easily portable and can be moved to other areas of the house. 

if you have guests visiting, you can move the basket near the front door as a little reminder for friends to take off their shoes…a subtle hint yet very effective!!

9. Over the Door Shoe Organizer



gray over the door shoe organizer hanging rack

If you do not have an entryway or have limited space, an over-the-door shoe pouch might be the best option for you to organize shoes!

This hanging shoe organizer can be attached to the back of any standard door and is an efficient way to keep all of your shoes neatly organized!

It would be ideal for a hallway closet or even used over the exterior garage door!

A huge selling feature is that it can hold at least 20 pairs of shoes (or more if you put 2 sandals or flip flops in the same pocket.)

That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

So are you wondering which one I chose for my family?

Cue the trumpet fanfare….

Option #8…A Lined Basket!


A Lined Basket!

Here’s the one I selected as my family’s shoe organizer!

I picked up my basket at Home Goods for a bargain price and now there is no longer an eyesore when I walk into the front door!


Don’t you agree it looks much better?

Shoes scattered on the floor

Shoes in a basket

There you have it, friends…my super simple (and inexpensive) solution to tame the tennies!!

So, until next time, cheers to no more Mt. Pile O’Shoes and cheers to you!!



P.S. If you want more inspiration for other organizing must-haves, check out my Pinterest Board “Organizer Product Ideas”

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