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The Master Bathroom – 2nd Stop on the Purge Party Train – Hop On Board!

How to organize the master bathroom in your home with a simple decluttering 6 step process.

Purge Party in the Master Bathroom

Toot toot!!

All aboard the Purge Party Express!!

Week 1 of the Purge Party is in the books and if you missed it, you can see all the awesomeness from my house here!

At the Weber Abode, the party was a nice, easy start and even though I didn’t really need to get rid of too much in my Master Bedroom, that space does now have a more simplified, serene feeling.

I really do feel a sense of greater peace knowing that every drawer has only what belongs there, and they are only things I love and use – ah, it’s delightful! ✨

And now I’m moving on to the hideaway of horrors….the Master Bath…Ladies and Gentleman (if there really are any dudes out there reading this), look away, it’s hideous (said in the best Kramer voice from Seinfeld)!

I don’t know about you, but somehow under my bathroom sink, it’s like a remake of the Gremlins’ movie – things seem to just multiply when I’m not looking and it ain’t pretty!!

My Master Bathroom needs a bit more time and attention than my Master Bedroom did, so I have set a larger slot of time aside in my schedule to tackle it!

RECOMMENDATION – If you have a hard time carving out a bigger chunk of time, break it up into smaller tasks. Maybe just spend 5-10 minutes a day and focus on one drawer or cabinet at a time. (heck, you can even multi-task – do it while you’re brushing your teeth)

Customize your plan for what works best for you and your schedule. Word to the wise for almost anything…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

This might be more like a mile in high heels, not always fun, but totally doable. You gotta want your room to look good…just like your calves do in heels.

The most important thing is that you are making progress, bit-by-bit!

Don’t give up!

You’ve got this!

So off we go!!


#1 – Visualize

First, the most important step before you begin anything is to take some time and get a crystal clear vision of what you want your space to feel like.

The two top things for my bathroom that I envision is it being clean and simply organized – in other words, not too much stuff and each item put where I want it.

Right now it just feels like it’s helter skelter and definitely filled with lots of things I don’t use or I don’t really like (hot pink Dollar Store lipstick, anyone?)

#2 – Find Your Jam

Second step , turn on the tunes!!!

This job calls for some mood music!!

Think I may need some Rocky theme music to get my mindset in fighting shape! “Eye of the Tiger”

Don’t hesitate to shake your groove thang!

You know nobody is watching because everyone else in your family sure as hell doesn’t want to be in the vicinity to help!

#3 – Grab Your Tools

Next up, grab your sorting boxes.

These do not have to be fancy – just grab whatever you have around your house…mine are old boxes I found in my garage.

Here are my labels, but use whatever works best for your brain!

Recycle –  Retail –  Relocate – Rubbish 

Cardboard boxes labeled for decluttering project

#4 – Get Your Mind Right

Fourth, channel your inner Rocky Balboa and get in the mindset that you are going to knock out anything you don’t love or use!

It’s time to put that crap in it’s place!

Right Hook, Jab, Jab, Knockout!

Reminder – trust yourself!

Don’t second guess your decisions or linger too long on any particular item.

You know if you love it or use it…so if it doesn’t meet either of those requirements, then you know what to do! 

#5 – Dump and Sort

Then, empty EVERYTHING!!!

I know this sounds like a pain in the booty, but it is a MUST!!

Don’t simply look through your drawers and cabinets and remove a few things…

Hello, this is a PURGE!!

Empty it ALL and only keep the items that you truly love and are in good, usable condition.

Need some inspiration, look at this hot mess of everything under my bathroom sink, and this pile is only one of my cabinets!

It’s a law of nature “it will look worse before it gets better”.


pile of beauty stuff while decluttering a bathroom

When you are deciding about what makeup to keep, be sure to keep in mind how long you’ve had it.

I’ll be writing more about this soon!!

Until then, in a nutshell, if you’ve had it over 18 months, you should probably kick it to the curb.

Ain’t nobody want eye fungus! Ew!

Once everything has been assessed and either put in one of your labeled boxes or left in the keep pile, you can neatly return everything back.

#6 – Toast to a Job Well Done

Lastly, wipe down, clean, and vacuum all surfaces, and remove your labeled boxes, and give yourself a big ole’ pat on the back and a BIGGER glass of wine (or green smoothie if you are still into your New Year’s Resolutions…you know which one I’m opting for!)

Now that you are done, check it out…relish in the glory of a clean and organized bathroom…doesn’t it feel wonderful!?!?

You now have space for all the awesomeness and abundance you want in your life rather than old stuff weighing you down and feeling discombobulated.

The more you organize your home and work space, the more you will swear by it.

✨ It’s like magic.✨

Ok, that was some detailed instruction for ya! In a hurry and want the short version…well, you are in luck….here it is!!

Purge Party in the Master Bathroom Printable Plan

Next week we are heading into the Master Closet where it’s time to get real, girl…you know you aren’t going to ever wear acid wash bell bottom jeans!!

So until then, cheers to you and your inner Rocky!! 



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