How to Use a Daily Habit Tracker to Monitor and Achieve Your Goals & Resolutions - Free Printable

Updated: Mar 1

Desk with calendar, pencil, notebook and cactus

Well, here we are...a couple of months into 2021, and if you are anything like me, those kick-ass New Year's resolutions that you were so gung ho about are probably a forgotten thing of the past, kind of like that "green bean diet" I tried in college...pretty much over before it even got started! #dunzo

So how do you get your New Year's Resolutions MoJo back??

Hell if I know...go Google it and let me know what you find out! LOL!!

Okay, all kidding aside, the resolutions backslide is real, and I'm totally guilty of it.

So, what am I gonna do about it??

Pretty much my answer to all of life's toughest questions...


I'm pretty sure printables can solve any problem...right??

Well at least for me they do!!📝

Back in January, I had some pretty big ideas about the things I wanted to incorporate into my daily routines....starting the day with a big glass of citrus water, meditating, exercising more, taking vitamins, drinking more wine, (oh actually, it was drinking LESS wine, oops!)

Got a guess as to how I'm doing on these goals??

Well, let's say if I was a high school student, I'd be getting a big 'ole FAT F.