3 Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Husband or Boyfriend That He Actually Wants and Will Totally Use

Much More Than A Tie Or Homemade Gift

Guest Post: Gavin Weber (AKA “Mr. Organizen”)

Let’s get real ladies, in no way do I want to offend you (or my wife for that matter), but the gifts us dudes usually get are equivalent to second grade craft gifts (for the record, I’ve never redeemed any of those homemade “coupon” books).

Yes, there are perfectly good reasons for these bad gifts like…

-we don’t tell you what we want

-we don’t know what we want

-we could actually care less because we likely buy what we want on our own (maybe that’s just me)


What if this year for the Holidays or his birthday or Father’s Day, or hell, just to be nice, this time you get him something he will actually really like?

Novel idea indeed.