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How to Create a Post Corona Virus Quarantine Family Fun Bucket List

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It’s day #45 of the Covid-19 sheltering in place here in California (not that I’m counting or anything!).

And, if you are anything like me, then daily you are on the verge of losing your mind during this CRAY CRAY time.

Honestly, one minute I’m good and feel hopeful and optimistic focusing on the “silver linings”, and another moment I’m crying and wondering if I’ll ever get to hug my friends again or go out on a date with my honey without worries!

I know we are all just trying to make it through the TOTAL insanity of these last few weeks, and I’ve been trying to brainstorm some things to make my family and me feel more upbeat, and I’ve decided that focusing on future fun is just want this Fam Bam might need!

So what’s the solution??

…create a Post-Covid Family Bucket List!!

Oh lordy, yes…doesn’t that sound amazing and inspiring and cheerful and heavenly??

There is going to be a LIFE. POST. QUARANTINE.

So let’s get into it…just how do you do that?


Spend a little time as a family to have a session of verbally brainstorming all of the exciting things your kids would like to “safely” do once we start to get a few more of our social freedoms back!

I honestly think you’ll be a bit surprised by what sounds fun to your kids.

I have found that my kiddos have been missing the simplest of things…getting ice cream, taking a bike ride at the beach, shopping at the mall (okay, maybe shopping isn’t so surprising since I have 2 teen girls!).

Having a quick family discussion aloud will get the idea juices flowing. My kiddos always seem a bit more chatty at dinner, so plan to have your brainstorming session at the optimal time for your family.

Need some inspiration of activities to add to your family bucket list??

I’ve created a list of 101 fun things to do with kids below if your family needs some extra prompts and ideas.


After your family’s verbal brainstorm session, have your kids write down some of their favorite ideas.

If your children are too young to write or do this on their own, then you can verbally talk about what they would like to do and write it down for them.

Caution: If you have a child who is very literal (like I do ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป) remind them this is just a “brainstorming” session. Just because they write down “Take a trip to the moon” does NOT mean it’s set in stone, and you are heading off to NASA for training!

I’ve created several printable templates to help you! Use whichever ones you think will work best for your child’s age.

Feel free to print out one for yourself too!! Goodness knows, us mamas need some things to look forward…like NOT cooking for a month, or possibly the rest of our lifetime!!

Click on the images below to access the printable PDF





Once you’re done writing down all of your ideas, as a family, chat about them and come up with a modified family list that seems “do-able”! Feel free to add a few things that may feel like a bit of a stretch…it’s good to have some exciting dream events that are a little out of reach.

I’d highly recommend typing your family’s “bucket list” and posting it somewhere visible in your home to help you stay positive through this challenging time and to encourage you that things will get back to some semblance of “normal” again!

My hope is that this time of isolation and social distancing makes my family and me more appreciative of the small things in life and to not ever take our day-to-day lives for granted!

I hope you and your family find some hope and inspiration in this activity that will help you get through the tough days!

Remember…More fun and life adventures await us all! #thistooshallpass

Until next time, cheers to sanity and optimism, and cheers to you!๐Ÿฅ‚


๐Ÿ’— Magan

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