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Clean Out, Declutter, & Organize Your Freezer – “Free the Clutter Fiesta”

Tired of not being able to find food in your freezer? Then it’s time to simplify your kitchen, home, and life by cleaning out your freezer. Here’s a simple strategy to organize your freezer in no time, once and for all!

It’s WEEK 5 of the “Free the Clutter Fiesta”, and I’ve got a confession…

I’ve gone off the rails!!

Well, actually not exactly, but I have gotten off track from my original plan!

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As you see below, I should have already decluttered the pantry and fridge, but I’m a rebel and decided to mix it up…

Free the Clutter Fiesta Printable

Truth be told, I’m actually waiting on some super cool organizing products for the pantry, so that’s been put on hold, and my fridge was jam-packed with leftovers from the Super Bowl party we hosted, and cleaning out a FULL fridge is No Bueno!!

Messy fridge filled with food
(Exhibit A – Full Fridge), so I skipped on over to the FREEZER!!

This “Purge Party” is supposed to make your life easier, so feel free to customize the plan to your schedule, just like I did!

So let’s get down to the deets (yes, I just said “deets”, and yes that’s still a cool word to say if you are over the age of 40) about clearing out your freezer…

At my house, we do not have tons of freezer food because we try to buy most things fresh, so cleaning out the freezer is one of the easier tasks on the “Free the Clutter Fiesta” plan!

As a reference point, here is the BEFORE: (Not terrible, right?)



Before you begin to organize your freezer, I recommend gathering whatever cleaning tools you might need because when you are dealing with frozen food, you want to work quickly, so nothing goes bad.

For my freezer, I used:

– a rag

– a vacuum

– a magic eraser/sponge

sanitizing cleaner ( I use this one because it’s super concentrated and made with essential oils)


Take EVERYTHING out of your freezer.

If you have a lot of items and you are concerned that it will thaw, just work on one section at a time. In that case, start at the top so if any debris drops, the bottom tier will catch it, and you can clean that section out last.

For our family, we have a minimal amount of freezer food (the whole project took less than 15 minutes), and I removed everything so that I could see exactly what I had (in my case a lot of plastic baggies – not sure why? See “EXHIBIT B”)




Using your cleaning solution and rags/magic erasers/sponges, clean the entire freezer. I actually even got out my vacuum to get all of the crumbs and debris from the very bottom level.

This is also the perfect time to clean the seal area and edging of the freezer. You can see mine was super dirty – YUCK!!



Now throw away any food items (or trash AKA excessive baggies) that are freezer burned, undesirable to your family, past the expiration date, or in my case a complete mystery (is that chicken & how long has it been in here? See EXHIBIT C)

"mystery meat" from the freezer

Once you only have the food you will eat remaining, place it back into the compartments of the freezer.

I put the breakfast food together at the top so the kids could easily access it in the morning.

The rest I sorted by food category and put like items together.

Organized freezer

My freezer has several built-in organizers, so I did not need to buy any additional items to get things organized, but if you are a “batch cooking” babe who freezes a lot of things or you need some organizers, Amazon has lots of great options (I love you, Amazon Prime!) …like this one, the Inmyel Freezer Cube.

Heck, maybe I’ll start trying the whole batch cooking thing just to get these cool organizers!

Organized Refrigerator freezer




AND BAM!, just like that… you’ve got an organized freezer without any “mystery meat” lurking in the drawers!!

A tidy, organized freezer

See now that wasn’t too bad and now you can open the freezer without being scared of what’s inside!

So, until next time, cheers to no more freezer burn, and cheers to you!



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