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Top 10 Best Cleaning Tools for Your Home

Ready to get all the nooks and crannies clean in your entire house? Then you need the right products so you can use less elbow grease…here are the must-have, best cleaning tools and supplies that even those who hate cleaning will love!

A Basket of The Best Cleaning Tools

It’s full steam ahead in the month of Spring deep cleaning at my house!!

If you want a copy of my 30-Day Spring Deep Cleaning printable plan, you can check read more about it on my blog post by clicking on the image below!

Free Printable 30 day spring cleaning plan

Honestly, I’m a real minimalist when it comes to cleaning tools….I’m not one to run out and buy every new gadget and gizmo that promises to magically leave your possessions sparkling clean!

Although I am no “cleaning expert”, there are a handful of products that I use, that are truly my go-to, “ride or dies” in my arsenal of cleaning tools that can help with just about every clean-up in your home!

In case you are making things harder to clean than they have to be, I am going to break down exactly what is one of my must-have cleaning products list right here for you!

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Starting with my #10, and ending with the top prize of “Magan’s Favorite Cleaning Product”!

So let’s jump right in with #10 on my list of essential cleaning tools, shall we?

The Top 10 Best Cleaning Tools for Your Home

10. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Carpet Cleaner

If you have kids or pets, then you definitely are dealing with tough stains and pet hair in your carpet, and this carpet cleaner should definitely land in your top 10 necessary and best cleaning tools!

Accidents happen and when they do, you can grab this bad boy with a powerful scrub brush and suction, and all evidence of the messy mishap (and dog hair) will be gone!

In the high traffic areas of my house, I carpet clean about twice a year and then spot clean for smaller incidents.

Although it’s one of the pricier items on my list of must-haves, it’s much cheaper than hiring a cleaning company to do the job, and it’s got lots of cleaning power!

9. Cleaning Cloths

E-cloth cleaning cloths

For most of my adult life, I’ve just used random rags or a paper towel to tackle windows, glass, and other hard surfaces, because I just didn’t know any better.

Then just recently, I read a raving review about E-Cloths, so I decided to take the plunge and try them out.

I first started with the window cleaning ones, and I’m totally hooked!

Seriously, they make my windows so much cleaner with just a few wipes and, they do not leave streaks.

I love them so much, I’m going to invest in the whole E-Cloth cleaning set that includes ones that are great to use with a glass cleaner and microfiber cloths that work to get all the dust off for multi-surface cleaning projects.

The best part besides them being eco-friendly (no more paper towels) and so versatile, they also are machine washable so they are low-maintenance too!

8. Cleaning Brushes

Assorted Cleaning Brushes

Put down the old toothbrush…it’s time to use a REAL scrub brush!

I’m all for using an old toothbrush to help with some cleaning jobs, especially small crevices that are tough to tackle, but there are specific tasks that require a bit more customized help…

like cleaning window sills or sliding glass door tracks, and that’s where having a set of cleaning brushes is a game changer!

Check out this set of brushes that will make cleaning those hard-to-reach spots so much simpler!

7. Dust/Floor Mop

Dust Floor Mop

One of my first home cleaning product purchases was almost over two decades ago when I had my first home with hardwood floors, and it was this type of floor duster/mop that I bought.

Mine is so old I don’t think they even make it anymore, but it’s very similar to this one they sell on Amazon.

It’s great for cleaning up dust bunnies and debris off of any hard floor surface (laminate, wood, bamboo, etc), especially the tile floors that are in my current home.

I love that the cleaning pad is made of microfiber cloth so it attracts hair and dust with little effort!

6. Dusting Wand

Microfiber Dusting Wand

Since I first became a home-owning “adult”,  I have used old socks or rags to dust because honestly I’m a cheapskate, but then one day I was at the dollar store and found a dusting wand, and thought, “what the heck, let’s give it a try!”

And I am SO glad I did! The material of the wand almost magnetizes the dust, and the long shape makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach spots…light fixtures, ceiling fans, you name it, it can dust it!

That’s why the dusting wand lands at #6 on my must-have list of best cleaning tools and gadgets!

5. Window Towels

E-cloth window towels

I loved the E-cloth window towels so much I gave them their own spot on my list.

These towels were my introduction to the E-cloth line of products, and not only do they leave your windows and mirrors streak-free and spotless, but they also help the environment since they are replacements for paper towels.

My favorite location to use them is cleaning my shower doors which are always so spotted! These are truly one of my favorite cleaning products…what can I say, I’m in E-Love with them!!

4. Cleaning Putty

Blue Cleaning Putty

Got dirty, nooks & crannies?

Then grab your putty!

I know there are a lot of people who swear by the “pink stuff”, but I’m a bit partial to the “blue stuff”…AKA Cleaning Putty.

I’ve used this nifty little cleaning invention in the cracks of my car console, on my son’s computer keyboard, my car vents, in the crevices of my microwave…really any place I can’t get a rag into, I grab the putty instead.

It’s also an inexpensive investment, so you won’t break the bank on this brilliant tool for your cleaning kit!

3. On Guard All-Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner

On Guard Cleaner

I’ve been an essential oil-loving momma for almost 2 decades now, and I try my best to always choose toxic-free home supplies.

That’s why I use either Thieves or OnGuard all-purpose cleaner for pretty much EVERYTHING in my home.  It is my FAVORITE multi-surface cleaner!

Made with tea tree, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, and cinnamon essential oils, not only does it smell good but it will kill germs too!

It’s particularly effective on soap scum which is one of the hardest things for me to remove.

When you look at the initial cost, it appears to be a little pricy, but it comes super concentrated and lasts for years!!

I add a capful to spray bottles of cold water and use it on about everything in my house.

Plus you can use it for all of your sanitizing chores so you don’t need to buy any other specialty products…this one all-purpose cleaner replaces them all!

2. Vacuum

Shark Vacuum cleaner

Having a kick-a** vacuum is a MUST in any cleaning supply list, and you know this lady is just too cheap to invest her life savings in a Dyson, so I grilled the Best Buy dude on what brand was a less expensive option that will do the job without breaking the break.

And lucky for me “Best Buy Dude” worked in a vacuum repair shop when he was younger, so I found the right brain to pick!! He recommended getting a Shark, for its great price point, long-life without repairs, and overall capability…

so that’s what I got…and I’ve had ours a few years, and I’ve been super pleased with it!

And now it’s time to reveal the #1 cleaning supply on my list is….cue the fanfare…

1. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

Not only is the magic eraser probably the most cost-effective item on my list (averaging about $1 per eraser), but it also comes by its name honestly… it is truly “magically”.

Anywhere you have stubborn marks or dirt buildup, the magic eraser will make it disappear!

I have used it on nearly every surface in my home…sinks, tubs, dirty computer keyboard, doors, walls, baseboards…you name it, I’ve probably taken a magic eraser to it to get it clean!

It’s by far the most used and most versatile cleaning supply in my home!

So what do you think of my list of the 10 best cleaning tools?

Top 10 Best Cleaning Products

Do you have any tried and true cleaning products that I overlooked?

I’m always eager to try out something new!

Until next time cheers to all of your messes magically disappearing, and cheers to you!



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