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Who Needs Self-Care?..Maybe You! Find Out with a Self-Love Checklist Assessment!

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Welcome back, ladies! We’ve chatted about what self-care is (read about it here if you missed it) and we also covered the 5 areas that are essential to a well-rounded self-care plan (Read more here).

And next, we need to identify your current level of self-care, so we can see how to improve in this area.

So how do you know if you really need more self-care in your life??

Well, if you are anything like me, you probably haven’t given it much thought…you are way too busy to even reflect on whether you are taking good care of yourself….(pssst…shocking reveal coming… if you are too busy to even think about it, you probably need to build in some self-care into your daily life!).

To help you out, I created this simple little checklist so you can quickly determine how you are doing…are you making YOU a priority?? Do yourself a favor and take a minute to honestly reflect on these questions…

If you don’t have a couple of minutes to do this now, THEN there’s a 99% chance you also don’t ever make time for your self-care so let’s begin right now by making the time.

Well, what’s the verdict?? How did you do??

Are you taking the necessary steps on a consistent basis to take care of yourself?? No shame or judgment, if not…for me it’s a work in progress and the first step is becoming aware of where I need some extra focus.

If you are in the same boat and are hoping to add a little more self-TLC in your routine, check out the next blog on how to easily create a self-care plan to help you do that!!! Until next time, Cheers to YOU!!! 🥂 ♥

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