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Vacation Packing List for Amusement Park Essentials 

Whether you are looking for a packing list for Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens, or any other theme park, here is what to pack in your amusement park essentials bag.

Swing Ride at Amusement Park

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while in the blog world, you’ll already know that the Weber Fam is focused on having a GOOD TIME…

Vacations, cruises, celebrations, road trips, and yes, even amusement parks are all on our constant “to do” list (now that’s the kind of to-do’s we all need more of!)

Living in Southern California is the perfect place for this little adventure-seeking family of mine. We’ve had passes to Disneyland, Legoland, and Sea World (simultaneously, mind you…yes we are a bit obsessed!).

We’ve also been pass holders at the Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios, and Six Flags Magic Mountain (geez, now that I type that all out, it actually sounds more like a problem!).

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that we know a thing or two about Amusement Parks, and I’d love to pass along some of these best suggestions I have to make your next trip to a Theme Park with your family the best day ever!

Just last week we spent the day at Sea World in San Diego, and we had a MAJOR OOPS that inspired me to write this blog post.

I’ve written another blog post HERE that shares all about our day for specifics about Sea World San Diego.

A Day at Sea World San Diego

I’m hoping to prevent anyone else from having an EPIC AMUSEMENT PARK FAIL like we did, so I compiled a list of must-haves for your Amusement Park Bag.

Amusement Park Essentials

I bet you are eager to hear why I deem these items so necessary… I promise you’ll be glad you have them!

(Note: The links in this post are Amazon affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking through our links at no cost to you. Read our full disclaimer policy here.)

Here is my list of 14 Amusement Park Essentials:

1. Travel Size Kleenex

Kleenex Travel Tissues

We’ve got a kiddo with allergies so these travel-size tissues are a MUST!!! I will spare you the gory details of a few times when we didn’t have them because friends don’t try to scare each other like that!

You can pick up similar products pretty much anywhere…Target, Dollar Store, Walmart, or just add it to your cart for your next Amazon order if you do all of your shopping online!

2. Reusable Water Bottle

Pink Hydroflask

Do you know what is the #1 rip off at amusement parks??

Front-of-the-line pass?


The Photo Package?

Keep guessing!

Stroller Rental?

Heck no, that’s priceless!


A close 2nd!

And survey says…Water!!

Yes, bottles of water are such a racket at every theme park I’ve ever been to! Usually over double what you’d pay at your local store.

So that’s why you need to bring your own reusable water bottle! It will save you a BUNCH of moolah, and it will help the earth by not buying all of those throw-away plastic bottles!

3. Ponytail Holders

Fabric Ponytail Holders

Do you have the need for speed?

Well then, you better have some no crease hair ties to pull that mane back when you conquer the death-defying, inversion, and loop-infused “Electric Eel” roller coaster ⚡

(who am I kidding, I would NEVER ride that…I’m more of a carousel rider! ).

Regardless of whatever ride feels like thrill-seeking for you, you’ll be glad you threw some ponytail holders in your amusement park survival bag.

Goodness knows you’ve got to have hair that is Instagram-worthy no matter what you ride!

4. Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Mom Handing boy sanitizing wipe

Germs, germs, everywhere are germs!

Listen, we all know that public places are a cesspool of germs, and amusement parks might be at the top of that list!

This means you definitely need to take some hand sanitizing wipes with you! I prefer the wipes over the gel because you can actually wipe all the dirt off and you can use them to wipe down any dirty tables when you stop for a snack or meal.

Being a bit of a granola momma, I especially like these Babyganics wipes because they have no alcohol, triclosan, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, or dyes, so they are extra gentle on the skin!

5. Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof cell phone case

If you are planning to hit an amusement park that has any kind of water element, I’d highly recommend using a waterproof phone case to protect your most treasured possession (sorry kids, your #2 on that list!)

So if you get totally drenched on the Shipwreck Rapids, you can be assured that your phone wasn’t ruined too!

6. Lightweight, Durable Backpack

Orange backpack

You’ve got to have some sort of bag, tote, backpack to store all of your Amusement Park must-haves! I personally like the backpack-style bag because it can get a little heavy and the full backpack style is easier for me to carry.

I love this style too because it has wider padded shoulder straps that distribute shoulder and back weight evenly.

It also provides several pockets for handy storage and convenient organization and features two front zipper pockets for smaller items, an internal zippered pocket, and two open-mesh side pockets for quick access.

It’s also super lightweight and easy to fold up into a small pocket (sandwich size), convenient to put into your luggage if you are on a vacation, and need to maximize your suitcase storage space.

7. Oversized Sunglasses

Black sunglasses

You’ll be made in the shade with these cool sunglasses!

I actually have this exact pair from Amazon because for $9.99 you can’t beat the price!

They have 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays, and if you lose them while doing a loop de loop on your favorite roller coaster upside (or you are like me and set them down and forgot where you left them!), you can replace them in a flash, with very little money!

8. Leather Wallet Phone Case

Travel Wallet and contents

I’m not one to bring my entire wallet to any theme park because I don’t need the extra weight in my backpack, and in case I misplace it, I won’t lose all of those important wallet items!

So I just grab some cash, my driver’s license, and a credit card, and off I go, but I find that I spend a lot of time digging through my bag every time I need my debit card to purchase something.

This leather wallet phone case is the perfect way to keep it all organized, so no more digging! There is enough space for more than 10+ cards as well as cash and your keys.

It also has a detachable anti-lost lanyard so you can hold your phone and valuables while on the go and that’s why it’s on my list of must-have amusement park essentials!

9. Portable Phone Battery

Portable cell phone charger

This is the second time this Anker Powercore Portable Battery has been on one of my travel must-have lists, and I’m sure it’s not the last because it has saved me more times than I can count!

There is nothing worse than being at a theme park with a dying battery, making picture-taking, and communicating with family members very limited!

It totally stresses me out just thinking about it!

Grabbing one of these will give you the peace of mind that you’ll have a juiced-up phone all day long!

10. Lip Balm Sunscreen

Coola Lip Sunscreen Balm

Ain’t nobody want chapped, sunburned lips, so be sure to throw some type of sunscreen lip balm into your bag!

11. Hair Brush

Pink Wet Brush Hairbrush

Remember when I told you to throw in some hair ties in the bag? Well, you definitely need a brush to go along with those to keep your tresses under control!

My girls SWEAR by the Wet Brush. lt makes detangling your hair knots easy, no matter what hair type!

12. Waterproof Sunscreen

Coola Organic Sunscreen

Amusement Parks are notorious for having rides that will soak you to the bone! That’s why just regular sunscreen just won’t cut it!

Be sure to bring a high SPF and waterproof Sunscreen along with you!

13. Disposable Rain Poncho

Woman wearing clear plastic rain poncho

Speaking of getting drenched, I know you might think this is over the top, but I would definitely recommend tossing in your bag some disposable rain ponchos.

Being miserable from getting soaked on a water ride or a random rain downpour has happened way too many times to this girl! It’s also super useful if you are going to a water show, you won’t be scared to sit in the “Wet Zone”.

You can grab these pretty cheap at a discount store or order a family set fairly inexpensively from Amazon.

It even has a hood to protect your hairstyle so you’ll look glam all day no matter what adventure ride you’ve been on!

14. Emergency First Aid Kit

Contents of travel first aid kit

Our family’s travel first aid kit has saved us so many times!! Accidents happen, especially with kids, so be prepared for whatever comes your way with an emergency first aid kit!

I love this set because first of all, it’s super cute (priorities, people)! And secondly, it includes all the basic necessities to sterilize and bandage small wounds, cuts, or scrapes on the go.

You will be prepared for any health emergency your family faces. This portable kit is small and compact to fit in a purse or baby bag while still containing everything you need.

15. Extra Set of Clothes and Shoes (in the car)

Last but not least, learning from a few bad experiences, I’d highly recommend packing an extra set of clothes and shoes to keep in the car!

If you have some reason that your clothes become dirty, wet, and unwearable (yep, a bucketful of bird poop when I was a kid at Busch Gardens is one of my horror stories) with a quick trip to the car and a change in the restroom, you’ll be good as new and ready to enjoy the rest of your day!

Well, there you have it, friends, my list of Amusement Park Essentials!!

I’d love to hear what’s on your list!!

Did I overlook anything??

Hope your next trip to your favorite theme park is stress-free and full of adventure and laughter (and no bird poop)!



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