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What Have You Done for YOU Lately? A Lesson in Self-Care and Self- Love

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Rewind a few decades ago and you’ll probably remember Janet Jackson’s song “What Have You Done for Me Lately” ( ooh oooh ooh yay! …go ahead and admit it, you were singing along too!)

In this crazy, busy life filled with endless “to-do’s” and responsibilities, I have a better question for you….

“What have you done for YOU lately”?

Truly… name something you’ve done for you lately! If you are like me, most of my days (well, more like ALL of my days) of being a mom, I honestly do NOTHING for myself…

heck, besides crashing into bed at night, not only do I not do anything for myself…I am hardly ever even by myself…which almost always eventually leads to a major momma meltdown.

Anyone else out there had one of those? Let’s just say, the mom version of a temper tantrum ain’t all that pretty!

Unless you’ve been on a deserted island (well, hello there Wilson) you’ve probably recently noticed the big buzz word Self-Care seems to popping up everywhere….

TV, magazine articles, Instagram images, book stores, Pinterest worksheets, etc…so what is Self-Care,do you really need it, and how can you realistically include it into your life (without it feeling like another checklist or “have to”)?

Each Sunday I’m going to share a little about my own self-care journey and how I’m creating it for myself…

the good, the bad, and sometimes the mega ugly (momma meltdowns are a real thing…just ask my hubby) and hope that it sparks some motivation for you to take a little better care of yourself, do something nice just for YOU, set aside the “to-do list”, and let yourself off the proverbial hook so you can enjoy your life a little more!

So today I invite you to begin your Self-Care... just carve out a little time for YOU, and do something you enjoy JUST for yourself. I promise it will feel Oh So Good.

I’ll be doing the same…we are on this “Organize Zen Your Best Life” experience together. (“You are not alone” – sorry, I couldn’t help myself…I’m a bit of a Michael Jackson Mega-Fan)

Cheers to a little more self-TLC…you need it and deserve it…and so do I! ♥

Want more specific details and ideas of how to incorporate more Self-Care in your life…Join me on Instagram here – I’m using it to share the inspiration (and basically hold myself accountable to living what I’m preaching!)

Also, I have a kick-ass Pinterest Board with like a MILLION (okay, maybe more like 300) Self-Care Ideas…check it out here (come on, you know you want to!!)

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