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Easy Organization in Your Kid Spaces – Purge Party Week 4

The Purge Party organizing process will give you lots of organizer ideas for your kid spaces, playrooms, and the game closet. Get your kid spaces organized in 6 simple steps!

Purge Party for Kid Spaces

We are rolling right into Week 4 of the Purge Party, and this week is all fun and games!!

We are clearing out the Kid Spaces – Game Rooms, Toy Closets, Playrooms – all those places where kids keep their junky sh*t …err, I mean “lovely, treasures”!

There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to clearing out kid stuff.

1. Enjoy the beautiful process together as a family in deciding what “Sparks Joy”.

2. Clear out the crap when the kids are gone…they’ll never know it’s missing!!

I’m really not kidding about this one!

Honestly, every child is wired differently and each family dynamic is unique.

So there is NO JUDGEMENT here about what you choose to do!

For my family, I’m more of an OPTION #2 kinda’ gal, because I want to get ‘er done without any major conflicts.

As a way to safeguard against the “That toy was my favorite and you’ve gotten rid of it!!” complex, I store all of the decluttered items in the garage for a period of time, just to be sure the kiddos in my house really don’t need them.

If it’s in a box in the garage for a few months, and no one is missing it, then it’s outta’ here!!

There are SO MANY children who don’t have toys and games, that donating them to someone who will love it, is super motivating for me!

So, you ready to jump in??

Well, here we go!! Your step-by-step process has begun!


 1. See It and Believe It

Before you remove any items, first get an idea of what you want the end goal to be and truly see it in your imagination.

As I close my eyes, I see a game closet that is super clean, organized, and only has activities and games that bring my three children together in peaceful, unity to harmoniously become best friends for life while singing “Kum Ba Yah”.

Ha Ha! Just kidding! Although I do say “anything is possible”, that one might be pushing the miracle envelope a bit too much!

Okay, back to reality… so CLEAN and ORGANIZED make the cut for my “vision” of our family game closet.

2. Play the Tunes & Do the Hokey Pokey


On to Step #2, it’s time to turn up those tunes!

Get your groove on with some music that puts you in a cheery, Mary Poppins mood and makes you want to shake ya’ booty!! ( Doing the “Hokey Pokey” is optional)

3. Grab Your Gear


The third step… get your organizing gear!

Those labeled boxes should be ready to roll!

4 Carboard boxes labeled for home decluttering

– Rubbish/Trash

– Recycle/Regift

– Relocate/Move

– Retail/Sell

4. Be a Scary Mom-ster


Next, it is time to release your inner Mom Monster!!

Do you own games that always cause a war between your kids?


Are there activities that cause massive frustration and anxiety in your child?

Give those away!

Got half completed art projects and dried-up paints?

Trash ’em!

Are there games that are missing pieces?


BE a RUTHLESS Mommy Dearest!!

Anything that has a “bad vibe”, it’s time to part ways with it!

5. Heap it Up!


Be sure to empty out ALL items!!!

Toys, games, stuffed animals, and art supplies have a sneaky way of hiding, and the only way you can truly see what you have is to get it out and take a gander in the light of day.

This part of the purge process is “muy importante”!!

Once you’ve categorized everything into your 4 boxes, put back only things that are loved, used, and bring the good “ju-ju” into your family!

There are TONS of awesome organizing products that will help your kid space feel more put together, and if you want to see my top picks check it out here!

Best Kids Playroom Organizing products

6. Celebrate!


Lastly, clean, dust, vacuum all surfaces, and remove your 4 labeled boxes, & put on your party pants!!

Your kids now have a space that is decluttered, simplified, and only filled with things that they truly enjoy using!

Take a close look at your work…doesn’t it feel SLAMMIN’?

And now, a toast to you for taking action to improve your life, and cheers to your kid space no longer being an eyesore or source of negativity!!

⬇️Here’s the quick, printable review sheet for you, if you need it!! ⬇️

Purge Party Week 4 Kid Spaces

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