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The Premiere of Our New YouTube Series – “Wack or Worth It” Wednesday Gadget Review Show

It’s our first WOW (Wack Or Worth it) Wednesday show, and in this video we’ll show you how we used the Fullstar Veggie Chopper to make Pico de Gallo (AKA Salsa Fresca) and then we will tell you our honest review of whether we think this kitchen gadget is worth buying or not! If you’re looking for ways to simplify your life and save time in the kitchen with your meal prep, then this video is for you!

Man and woman posing for wack or worth it show

Hey Party People!

I’ve got an announcement for you fine friends…

Gavin (AKA Mr. Organizen) and I have started a new weekly YouTube series called…

“Wack or Worth It” Wednesday

(WOW Wednesday for short, ‘cause ya’ll know I’m a sucker for alliteration!)

So what’s this new show about, you ask?

Well, in a nutshell, we are going to try out a gadget or time-saving tool to let you know if we think it’s either



Worth It

We will be sharing our honest feedback about various devices and gizmos that are designed to save you time and simplify your life.

We are both a bit goofy (or as I like to say “quirky”, cause I think it sounds more positive), so it’s should definitely be entertaining!

Our grand debut of WOW Wednesday is a video reviewing the Fullstar Veggie Chopper while we make Pico de Gallo (AKA Salsa Fresca), and we try out a few other helpful little kitchen gadgets (one that was a bit shocking, so you’ll have to check out the video to see what happens!)

Note: The links in this post are Amazon affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking through our links at no cost to you. Read our full disclaimer policy here.)
Full Star Kitchen Chopper

We are always eager to try new things out, so if you have an idea of a product we should try and review, let us know in the comments!

PSA – We are pretty much brand new to the YouTube arena and are a bit shy about putting ourselves out there, so if you could give us a little love on our video with a comment and like (or even subscribe if you are feeling extra generous) that would seriously MAKE.OUR.DAY!!!

We definitely could use a little cheering on (Spartan uniforms optional)!

SNL Spartan cheerleader characters

Alrighty, friends, without further ado, here is the premiere of our first episode of WOW Wednesday.


As always, thank you for your support!

Until next time, cheers to making every Wednesday full of WOW, and cheers to you!


Magan & Gavin

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