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An Easy & Festive Valentine’s Day Donut Hole Breakfast with Free Printable Sign


Show your kids, spouse, or special loved ones how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day donut hole breakfast by reminding them that you love them a “HOLE” bunch with these cute treats and free printable sign.

Valentine's Day Donut Hole Breakfast

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this year, I’ve decided to really up my L-O-V-E game with my family…mostly because even though we’ve turned the calendar on 2020, we are definitely still in COVID restriction mode here in Southern California…

which essentially means my kids are STILL at home
99% of the time since there is no in-person school or activities, and very little sports happening.

Honestly, my kids have been total troopers for the last 332 days they’ve been basically STUCK at home (yes that is the exact # of days….no I didn’t count them…but my phone did! #thanksiphone)

So what’s on my love list for the kids you ask??

Just a little V- DAY cuteness overload with these super simple donut holes!

Donut holes with icing and sprinkles and Valentine's Day Sign


Here’s the breakdown of how to make them if you are wanting to cook up a batch too!

1. Print:

Download and print the “We Love You a HOLE Bunch” sign on white tagboard, cut it out, and tape it to a stick.

I did this part a few days in advance so it would be quicker to assemble on the day that I served the donut holes to the kids.


(Click on image below to download free printable sign!)

We love you a "hole" bunch printable sign


2. Gather Your Ingredients:


Ingredients to decorate donut holes with icing and sprinkles


– Box of Donut Holes

– A Tub of Frosting

– Food Dye (Optional: if you want to make pink or red icing)

– Valentines’ Day Sprinkles

– Festive “Punny” Printable Tag (PDF Linked Here)

– Cake Pop Stick/Long Toothpick, Scissors, and Tape (if you haven’t already made the sign)


3. Spread Icing on Donut Holes:

I just used a butter knife to cover about half of the surface area.


Donut holes with icing


4. Add Festive Love Sprinkles:

Shake, shake, shake it on there!

Valentine's Day Donut Holes


5. Add Sign:

Attach the heart sign to the donut holes and watch your kids’ eyes light up!


We love you a "hole bunch" donut hole breakfast


Such a simple project but super fun!!

Got any stellar (and easy, this mama likes to keep it simple!) ideas that you are doing for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day?

Send them my way…I’d love to add more fun to our celebration!

Until next time, cheers to sharing a “Hole” lotta’ love and cheers to YOU!




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Also you can make your kids lunch extra special with these free printable “punny” lunch box love notes!

Free printable valentine lunch box notes

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