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Top 12 Best Ted Lasso Themed Gifts that Will Bring Inspiration to Your life

Here are the BEST Ted Lasso themed gifts every super fan will love!

Table full of Ted Lasso birthday gifts

There’s no denying that Ted Lasso has taken television by storm, and with its quirky yet lovable characters and feel-good, inspiring messages.

It’s no surprise that millions of Lasso Fans are catching the AFC Richmond football feels! #futbolislife!

At the top of the mega-fan list is my hubby, Mr. Organizen, so I knew that this year’s birthday was going to have a theme he would more than love…Ted Lasso! (This year’s birthday display is above – “Birthdays are life”)

Whether it’s for a birthday celebration, anniversary, or the upcoming winter holidays, I’ve got a breakdown of some creative presents to get for the Ted Lasso fanatic in your life…even if that superfan is you! #beyourownsanta

So Diamond Dogs, mount up – woof, woof! Here are your 12 best Ted Lasso themed gifts for any fan!

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best ted lasso themed gifts

1. “Believe” Sign Framed Poster Art

Tad Lasso Believe Sign

When starting off planning my husband’s birthday, I knew the first thing I was going to purchase…the iconic “Believe” sign.

Since we just recently moved into a new home, Mr. Organizen has been looking for more wall decor for his office, so I knew this was going to be a hit…nothing beats an inspiring motivational sign as a birthday gift!

I “Believe” everyone needs a “Believe” sign!

What do you think? I believe his office is starting to come together! (okay, I’ll stop the Believe references…I believe it’s time to move on…)

Man in blue shirt with a believe sign in the background

2. Collection of Ted Lasso Stickers

Collection of Ted Lasso stickers

Any fan no matter what age will enjoy these super-fan stickers.

Whether it’s on a reusable water bottle, skateboard, laptop computer, phone case, locker, mirror, you can literally put them “here, there, every f*ing where”.

They are so darn versatile, just like Roy Kent!


3. UK Themed Box of Bristish Chocolate Candy Bars

A variety pack of British Candy bars

For all those Ted Lasso fans with a sweet tooth, if “Boss Biscuits” aren’t enough to satisfy you, how about a box of full-sized British chocolate candy bars!

As Ted says, ”I’ve never met someone who doesn’t eat sugar. Only heard about ’em, and they all live in this godless place called Santa Monica.” (No offense to any Santa Monica residents)


4. Be A Goldfish Keychain

Be a goldfish keychain from Ted Lasso

In the wise words of Ted… ”You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? It’s a goldfish. Y’know why? It’s got a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish.”

Keep a constant reminder of the unofficial mascot of the show with a “Be a Goldfish” keychain.


5. AFC Richmond Visor

Ted Lasso Visor AFC Richmond

Show off your team support with this AFC Richmond Visor!

Nothing says, “I’m a Ted Lasso Super-fan” like sporting this headwear while cheering on your favorite fictional football (aka soccer) team!


6. Boss Biscuits Baking Pan

Ted Lasso Boss Biscuits

You absolutely cannot call yourself a “Ted Lasso Fanatic” if you haven’t had a bite of Boss Biscuits.

You’ll need this Bakeware square pan and this Boss Biscuits recipe to take your fandom to a whole new level!


7. Coach Beard Coffee Mug

Ted Lasso Coach Beard coffee mug

Although he’s a man of few words, the AFC coaching team is incomplete without Coach Beard.

Whether you are drinking coffee, “hot brown water” (AKA tea), or a hot toddy, a Ted Lasso-themed mug is a must-have!

8. WWTLD Socks

What Would Ted Lasso Do Socks

There’s a new wise sage in town…Ted Lasso. If you are ever in a quandary, just ask yourself…”

What Would Ted Lasso Do?”, and these funny socks will be a constant reminder to think about “WWTLD?”.


9. Futbol is Life T-Shirt

Ted Lasso futbol is life t shirt

The beloved character Danny Rojas taps into the enthusiasm we all have inside of us (unless maybe you are Roy Kent “Oi”)!

What a great way to carry that infectious optimism into your life with a “Futbol is Life” t-shirt.

(Just be sure to be aware of any dogs nearby while you are wearing it #reversethecurse)


10. Diamond Dogs Hoodie

Ted Lasso Diamond Dogs Hoodie

How do you say you’re a Ted Lasso enthusiast without screaming “I’m a Ted Fan”?

With this oh-so-subtle Diamond Dogs pullover sweatshirt.

Only true, die-hard supporters of the show will actually know the reference, but you’ll look stylish, warm & cozy in this hoodie!


11. Celebratory Card

Ted Lasso Happy Birthday Wanker card

Nothing says “Happy Birthday like calling your loved one a “Wanker”!

So grab one of these hilarious Tedd Lasso cards to show the birthday star just how much you care!


12. Ted Lasso Inspirational Coloring Book

Ted Lasso Coloring Book

We could all use a little more Ted-zen in our lives, so leave all the stress behind with this Ted Lasso coloring book.

Well, there you have it my mustache-loving maniacs, my top 12 Best Ted Lasso themed gifts for Ted Lasso Fans.

What do you think?

Did I miss any must-haves?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, cheers to “Doing the right thing cause it’s never the wrong thing”, and cheers to you!



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