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The Zen Duo Reviews The Dash Dog Treat Maker – Wack Or Worth It Wednesday Weekly Show

Is the Dash Dog Treat Maker Worth Buying Or Not?

Here’s our honest review with some real-life twists and turns!

A Review of The Dash Dog Treat Maker

What are in many store-bought dog treats…

  • Rawhide

  • Glycerine

  • Sugar

  • Colorants

  • By-Products

  • Additives

  • Salt

  • Preservatives

Did you know that “bad dog treats” can cause serious health issues in your dog, like seizures and organ damage not to mention the other long-term effects, like cancer, obesity, kidney disease, and even diabetes?

It just might be time to ditch the commercial, store-bought dog treats filled with these substances bad for your dog’s health and opt for a more nutritious treat!

So that’s just what we have done, and we decided to try making our own puppy treats using the Dash Dog Bone Maker…

Did our dog like these homemade treats?

Was it hard and time-consuming to do?

Does the Dash Dog Treat Maker live up to the hype?

In this week’s WOW (Wack Or Worth it) Wednesday Show, we’ll show you how we used the Dash Dog Treat Maker to bake healthy, homemade snacks for our pup.

We will give the real deal review and will let you know what our dog thought too!

PS – We always feature bloopers at the end of each of our videos…which just might be the best part, so be sure to stick around for a laugh…at our expense! LOL!

We’d love to hear if you make your own dog treats and if you do, what’s your dog’s favorite recipe!!

Until next time, cheers to healthy pups, and cheers to you!



Want to make your own dog food? Check out my easy crockpot recipe for homemade dog food!

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