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A Home Blessing FAQs – The Most Important Thing You Should Do When Moving into a New Home

You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers….here’s what you need to know about performing a home blessing when you move into a new house! Your top 10 questions answered!

Hey Friends!

The Weber Fam Bam just recently moved into a new home, and I wrote about the beautiful home blessing ceremony we did a few weeks ago – If you missed that post, check it out here!

Home Blessing

As I’ve shared our experience with family and friends, many of them had quite a few questions wanting more details since a “Home Blessing” isn’t something that a lot of people are that familiar.

So I thought I would break down the FAQs in case you were wondering too!

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Top 10 Questions About a Home Energy Cleansing 

1. How much did it cost?

Being a frugal gal myself, this would be my number #1 question… and this is the easiest one to answer…

Zip, zilch, nada…it was free!!

My dad’s friends offered to do the Home Blessing for free, and if you read my post about it here, I break it down in easy steps so you could do it yourself for free too!

2. Do you need a professional to perform the ceremony?


Sages, gurus, ministers, and popes need not apply!

If you have family or friends who are “ordained” in some way who want to help you, by all means enlist their assistance, but you do not need to be an evolved mystic to perform a home blessing.

Truly, anyone with an open heart and mind can facilitate the energy clearing.

3. Is there an optimal time to perform a house blessing?

In a nutshell…no, there is not a specific time of the day or year that works best.

We had our new home blessed because it seemed like a good time to honor the history of the home and also invite new energy in.

You can do a home blessing anytime really!

Even if you’ve lived in your home for years and feel like it needs an energy clearing, it’s always a good time to recenter your home space with positive vibes.

4. Does the house need to be empty or fully unpacked?

For us, we had only partially unpacked our home, so it was neither!

There were definitely a lot of boxes still around and things yet to be finished, but what was the most important thing was that we were in the right mental and heart space for it.

The condition of your own personal energy is more important than the condition of your home.

5. How long does it take?

The length of the blessing really depends on how large your home is and your own pacing.

For us, the entire process took about 30-40 minutes so it wasn’t a huge time investment and fairly easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

6. What supplies do you need?

In my blog post, I detailed exactly what supplies we used.

A. A printed “Home Blessing” to read – you can look for some online that you like or here is a link to download the one we used.

Home Blessing Printable Sign

B. A fire/flame source…lighter or matches

C. A bell – any bell will work but I love this cool one!

D. A smudging stick of sage  you can buy them pretty cheaply online.

E. An abalone dish to catch any ashes from the sage stick.

F. A feather to disperse the smoke throughout the rooms.


This kit on Amazon has most of the essentials you need!

Home Smudging Kit

7. Are there ways to incorporate my religion into the process?

Yes, of course!!

Many people add elements of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism or any other religion (or non-religion) to their home blessings.

If you look online there are tons of great ideas you can use to customize your ceremony to include your personal spiritual beliefs.

8. Would you do it again?

Do I really need to answer this??

Um, YOU-BETCH-YOUR-BOTTOM-DOLLAR!! (do people even say this anymore?… guess I just did and what does it even mean lol)

I loved the experience fully…wish I would have done it in every home I have ever lived in!!

So the short answer is “YES”!!!!

9. Are there any negatives to the process?


I honestly, tried to think of one thing that I didn’t like about it or that could possibly be a hurdle to keep others from doing a home blessing.

My only negative is that I get a little anxious doing new things, so that’s all I’ve got for you on this one!

10. Can you feel a difference?



I loved the way our home felt after the ceremony, and I still love it to this day.

There was something powerful about honoring the energy and past of our new dwelling, and then releasing any old, residual energy that still lingered.

I feel more at home in our new house than I can remember feeling anywhere, and I attribute that to the home blessing we performed.

I hope this quick run down of the Top Ten FAQs helped you feel more comfortable with the idea of a Home Blessing.

There truly is no “wrong” way to do it, and it is totally worth any time, effort or small investment you might make!!


If you have any more questions, feel free to post them in the comments!!

Or shoot me an email!!

So until next time, cheers to good vibes, and cheers to you!!



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