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The Cruise Power Strip: The #1 Secret Weapon for Surviving Family Cruises

The best veteran cruiser “secret” is packing this cruise power strip, a must-have cruise item for your cabin. The rooms on many cruises are compact & small with very few electrical outlets, but not any extension cord will do, so be sure to bring one that is cruise-compliant. You won’t want to leave home without it!

cruise power strip

Hey there, fellow mamas (and dads too!) who are brave enough to embark on a cruise adventure with their teenage tribe! As a mom who’s survived, uh, I mean loved every minute of almost a dozen cruises with my family, I’m about to shoot it to you straight on the unsung hero of every family cruise: the Cruise Power Strip.

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Don’t need to read all the reasons why? Buy It Here Now:

Hand holding a cruise power strip

Yep, you heard me right. That little strip of electrical goodness is the true MVP of our maritime escapades, and let me tell you why.

Picture this: You’ve finally convinced your moody teenagers to put down their phones for a hot second and join you on deck for some good old family bonding time. But lo and behold, their precious devices are gasping for life like a fish out of water because, surprise!, they’ve been Snapchatting the entire ship tour. Panic ensues.

Enter the Cruise Power Strip… our savior in shining plastic armor.

#1 cruise essential must-have no surge safety complaint power strip extension cord

With not one, not two, but multiple outlets and USB ports, this magical contraption turns a solitary cabin socket into a bustling charging station fit for a tech-savvy family. No more fighting over who gets to juice up their gadgets first. It’s like the Hunger Games but with charging cables. Seriously, we need no death matches on this family getaway!

And listen, just take a look at this list of kick-ass cruise credentials for this Cruise Power Strip:

  • Non-surge protector without extension cord to be fully cruise ship compliant for major cruise lines.
  • Approved for Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, Norwegian, Holland America, MSC, Virgin Voyages & other major cruise lines in 2024 & 2025. (NOTE: Some Disney and RC cruise ships may not allow – please check your specific cruise line)
  • 2 USB sockets and 3 three-prong AC outlets for a total of Five [5] plugs at a time. Fits all iPhones, iPads, Android, Samsung, and any USB and power cords.
  • Mini size, compact & lightweight for easy travel and packing.
  • Guaranteed by Cruise On, your favorite accessories brand with all of your cruise essentials.

And let’s not forget the miracle of space-saving! We all know cruise cabins are “cozy” to put it nicely. With luggage strewn about like a teenager’s bedroom floor and barely enough space to swing a bat, every inch counts. But fear not, for the Cruise Power Strip is compact enough to tuck away in a corner, freeing up valuable real estate for important things like port-of-call souvenirs and duty-free chocolates.

But wait, there’s more!

Have you ever tried to style your hair in a cruise ship cabin?

No seriously, have you??

It’s like attempting a magic trick in a phone booth. With limited outlets and a hairdryer that sounds like it’s one sneeze away from a breakdown, achieving anything resembling a decent hairstyle is a Herculean task. But with the Cruise Power Strip, you can plug in your hair tools without sacrificing precious mirror time. Voilà, instant vacation glam! #cameraready

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But what about the surge protector ban?”

Oh, have no fear, my fellow seafaring sisters. This little gem is specifically designed to comply with cruise ship regulations, so you can charge your devices to your heart’s content without worrying about setting off any alarms, getting confiscated, or even worse, missing out on that all-you-can-eat buffet.

So there you have it, folks. The Cruise Power Strip: the unsung hero of family cruises, the lifeline of teenage sanity, and the key to unlocking a stress-free vacation. Trust me, once you’ve experienced the sheer bliss of never having to hear the words “my phone’s about to die” again, you’ll wonder how you ever sailed without it.

Just in case you missed it, you can grab the cruise power strip here:

Until next time, bon voyage, and may your devices be forever charged and your family photos Instagram-worthy! 🚢✨



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