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Thanksgiving Tradition – A Printable Gratitude Memory Book

It’s never too late to start new traditions! I’m declaring a new family tradition this Thanksgiving… “The Family Gratitude Memory Book” where we document with words, photos, and pictures our family and friends gathering together on Thanksgiving. Making memories is easy with this free printable gratitude memory book to create your own family keepsake.

Printable Gratitude Memory Book

Have you ever discovered something and wish you had known about it sooner?

Kind of like the invention of Spanx AFTER my Wedding Day!

Woulda’ been nice to have those miracle workers on the occasion that lives on in pictures F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

I just recently stumbled upon an idea that I wish I would have known about YEARS ago, but you know the old adage “better late than ugly”…or something like that!


My point is, it’s never too late to start new traditions!

So even though my kids are now tweens and teens, I’m declaring a new family tradition this Thanksgiving…


“The Family Gratitude Memory Book”


I am sure my teens are gonna LOVE it…I hear the moans and eye rolls already, but listen up mamas, you aren’t doing your job as an annoying, cheesy mom if you don’t get some push back from your teens…

So fuggedaboutit and forge ahead!

Here’s how this new tradition works…it’s pretty simple, yet meaningful and sentimental.

So lemme break it down for ya’…




First you’ll need to download and print the pages of the gratitude memory book (grab the free printables here!)

Gratitude Printables

I definitely recommend printing your sheets with a color printer to make the pages more vibrant with more eye appeal! 


On Thanksgiving Day you pass simply around the sheet of paper that has “I am so thankful for” on it, and everyone writes down what they are grateful for – super easy, right??


Try your best to allow each person to fully express whatever they want to share…especially kids, cause they usually write something funny that one day will be hilarious to look back on…so remember, there’s no “wrong answer” even if it’s silly!


I am so thankful for printable sheet


You gather as a group and take a photo or two (or a hundred) to make sure you get a “keeper” of everyone!


Be sure to include everyone…we all know there is always one token family member who hates getting their photo taken (which in my family, just might be me – LOL!) but insist that everyone get in the photo!  

Once you print the photo, you add it to the page that is titled “Memories” with some double sided tape.


Memories Printable Page


Next, you place those sheets in clear, plastic sleeves and put them in a 3 ring binder with the title of “Gratitude – Thanksgiving Memories” on the front.


Gratitude Memories Book Printable


Do this everyone year and “ta-da” you have instant memories of each Thanksgiving!

Printable Gratitude Memory Book

It’s seriously, easy peasy lemon squeezy…

but wait there’s more…


While I was at it, I also made a MENU, SHOPPING LIST, and COOKING SCHEDULE pages for you too!

Click here to get the free printables!

I can’t wait to start this new tradition and look forward to looking back over the special family memories in the years to come!

Do you have any special Thanksgiving family traditions?

I’m always looking for more ways to annoy my teens…um, I mean…create life long memories with the ones I love most!

Until next time, cheers to new traditions and cheers to you!



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How to create a gratitude memory book


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