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The #1 DIY Thank You Gift for a Neighbor or Friend to Show Gratitude

Here’s a simple token of appreciation gift with a free printable tag… the perfect thank you gift for a neighbor, friend or family member.

Our family recently took a trip to visit our oldest daughter at the University of Michigan for Family Weekend and while we were gone even though we had booked a dog sitter our sweet neighbors came over a few extra times to give our furry 6th family member (AKA our dog Harper) a little extra TLC.

Family picture of 2 parents and 3 kids at the University of Michigan

Like most pets whose family has been home pretty much 24/7 for the last year and a half due to the pandemic, I knew our pup was going to be super lonely without our family.

Aw, I mean can you resist that cute face with those puppy dog eyes? I mean, you’d feel a little guilty ditching that cutie too, right?

Cute black dog with puppy eyes laying on a deck of cards

So while we were gone our new neighbors who we barely have gotten to know yet were kind enough to come over to hang out with our girl Harper, playing with her and helping ease her anxiety about being by herself.

Honestly, I was so touched by their kindness that I wanted to show them how much we appreciated their thoughtful gesture… but what do you get someone you haven’t gotten to know well yet, and that won’t break the bank?

I was on the hunt for the perfect little, inexpensive “Thank You” gift that also would be enjoyed by most people. While I was out running errands, grocery shopping I saw a display of bundt cakes, that …

#1. Looked delicious

#2. Were a great price point

#3. Were something that most people would enjoy

Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner!

Bundt cake it is…the PERFECT Thank You gift for a neighbor!

So, if you too have been looking for a simple, yet meaningful gratitude gift, then you are in the right place…

Not only that I’m gonna share my free printable with you, so it will be nothing BUNDT easy for you to make!! (sorry, me and bad puns are just a match made in heaven, I just can’t resist them!)


1. Buy a Bundt:

Pretty much any grocery store carries some type of bundt cake in their bakery, or you can get really industrious and make your own, but listen I ain’t got time for that and I don’t want to poison anyone with my terrible cooking but have at if you are a baking babe #overachiever #yougogirl

2. Download Printable:

Grab the free printable gratitude tag here.

desktop with printable bundt cake gift tag

Simply download it to your computer and you’re ready for the next step!

3. Print:

Once you’ve downloaded it, it’s time to print!

I personally like the look of white cardstock tags because they are less flimsy than printer paper and easier to cut, but you can use either to print out the tag!

Bundt Cake gift tag with orange scissors
Use white cardstock to make it sturdier

4. Cut & Tape:

Use scissors to carefully cut out the tag and affix it to the top of the packaging with tape, and now you’re one step closer to the finish line!

Bundt Cake with tag and tape
A Creative Thank You Gift for a Neighbor

5. Jazz It Up:

Be sure to write a handwritten heartfelt “thank you” note and add a little upgrade with a pretty ribbon! I used some white tulle to make it just that much cuter!

Bundt Cake with "Thank You" card
Don’t forget the “Thank You” card!!

6. Delivery:

The final step…Now all you have left to do is to deliver it and see a giant OLE SMILE on your friends’ faces!

Thank You Gift for a Neighbor Bundt Cake with Ribbon

Get Your Printable Bundt Cake Tag Here

So what do you think?  Is this Thank You gift for a neighbor easy enough to do? 

I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Creative Gifts that you can check out here for more inspiration!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Do you have a favorite “thank gift” you use frequently…I’m always looking for new ideas!!

Until next time, cheers to creating “bundt-erful” gifts, and cheers to you!



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