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Celebrate a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with Funny Lunch Box Jokes

Have a festive, fun, and happy St. Patrick’s Day by celebrating with festive lunch box notes for kids (and adults too)!

St. Patrick's Day Printable Lunchbox Jokes

Oh, St. Patricks’ Day…how I love thee…let me count the ways…

  • Corned Beef

  • Green Beer

  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade

  • “Kiss Me I’m Irish” buttons

  • Shamrocks Galore

  • Rainbows and Pots of Gold

  • A day dedicated to all things green, lucky, and Irish!

I mean seriously, Irish Americans know how to celebrate the right way!

Although we are not of Irish descent, from when my kids were young and throughout their lives, I have always loved going a wee bit over the top with every holiday, and St. Patrick’s Day has been no exception! It’s certainly one of those holidays that we’ve celebrated annually with lots of fun and creative activities.

It got so freakishly festive that my daughter was completely spooked (and a bit terrified) when the leprechauns broke into our house a caused a little trouble and a whole lotta’ mischief. #momfail

So I decided to take it down a notch, but I still wanted to celebrate this special green holiday without causing any kid tears and meltdowns!

If you’ve been around these parts (on my blog) for very long, you’ll know that scavenger hunts are a family tradition…so of course I’ve created a super fun St. Patricks Day treasure hunt that you can read all about here.

St Patricks Scavenger Hunt

In my efforts to branch out a bit, this year I decided to make some lunch box notes and jokes to make Saint Patrick’s Day a special occasion even when the kids are away from home at school!

And being the generous blogging buddy that I am, and seeing that we are such good friends and all…I’ve got a set to share with you!

So let me show you exactly how to use these St. Patrick’s Day lunch box jokes!

Keep in mind that you can use this idea for children or adults…I mean who doesn’t love corny St Paddy’s Day jokes??

How to Create Lunchbox Jokes for St. Patrick’s Day

1. Download the PDF Printable St. Patricks Day Lunch Box Jokes

Click on the image of the printable Saint Patrick lunch notes below and download the PDF.

Printable St. Patrick's Day Jokes

(please check your spam folder if your free printables don’t arrive in your inbox within a couple of minutes and remember these are for personal use only!)

2. Print the St. Patricks Day Lunch Box Jokes

Next, simply print the PDF lunch box joke pages on either white paper or cardstock.

Mom Tip #1 – I recommend using thicker paper or white cardstock to print these jokes so they are a bit sturdier and will hold up better inside the lunch box.

St Patty's Day Lunchbox Jokes

Also using a color printer is always a great idea to make the notes a bit more vibrant and colorful.

3. Cut the St. Patricks Day Lunch Box Jokes

Next, grab a pair of scissors and cut on the gray dotted line to make 16 smaller notes with one joke on each card.

Scissors with printable joke cards

4. Affix the St. Patricks Day Lunch Box Jokes

Prior to St. Patrick’s Day, do a little prep by setting aside or purchasing some lunch food that is the color green or goes along with the St. Patty’s Day theme.

I’m not a big fan of food that is dyed green especially when I’m feeding it to my children, so here’s a list of some (mostly) natural green food if you need some inspiration!

  • pickles
  • pack of cashews in a green package
  • green apple
  • green grapes
  • broccoli
  • guacamole and chips
  • pear
  • green peppers
  • snow peas
  • apple juice box
  • kiwi flavored Propel water
  • pistachios
  • cucumbers
  • celery
  • Sun Rype fruit strip in a green package
  • kiwi
  • Go Go squeeze applesauce
  • Nature Valley granola bars
  • Activia yogurt cup
  • A sandwich cut into the shape of a shamrock
  • A few chocolate gold coins or some Lucky Charms cereal for dessert!

Pretty much anything green, rainbow-themed, or in a green package will work…so the possibilities are endless!

Now simply select which jokes you will use in your kids’ lunch boxes and use tape to affix each funny note to a food item…

or if that’s too much work you can just have them free-floating in their lunch! No tape necessary!

5. Alternate Idea for the St. Patricks Day Lunch Box Jokes

Sadly, my kids are on Spring Break this year during Saint Patrick’s Day so I had to come up with an alternate idea to use at home that you can read about here!

This idea would also work well if St. Patrick’s Day happens to fall on a weekend too!

And there you have it, my fine friends… it’s no trouble at all to plan this fun St. Patrick’s Day activity, and it is truly something kids will love!

Want other ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day…like things to serve for dinner, fun crafts, and festive family games?

Wait until you see all the inspiration I have on my St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest page dedicated to fun things to do for the Irish holiday! You can check that out here!

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

What other family traditions do you have to celebrate the shamrock holiday?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time, cheers to a luck-filled lunch, and cheers to you!



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