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Festive St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt with Free Printable Clues

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with your family with this St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt. A St. Patrick’s Day scavenger style hunt for kids that is simple to prepare and tons of fun to do! You will get 8 free printable rhyming clues to place around your home to lead your children to a surprise pot of gold at the end! 

Shamrock taped to a white piece of paper

☘️Top O’ the Morning to ya’!!!☘️

As you can tell, I’m definitely getting in the spirit for St. Patricks’ Day which is right around the corner!!

When my kids were younger, “leprechauns” would pop by our house at nighttime to commemorate this festive holiday, but only caused “mischief” once because it was absolutely terrifying to one of my daughter.

(I guess I never put it together that little men breaking into your house in the middle of the night to destroy property might be a wee bit scary for a kid!)


So from then on out, we would leave the little fellas a note kindly requesting them to NOT come in our home and to leave a treat on the front porch..which they always happily obliged!

The go-to treat for St. Patrick’s Day for the last 15 years or so has normally been a box of Lucky Charms cereal because that is not normally a standard food option in our house.

But since my kids are STILL stuck at home (it’s been 362 days since they’ve been to “school”, not that I’m counting or anything!) doing remote learning, I thought I would make it a bit more fun and add some more items to their St. Patty’s Day surprise!

So I created a treasure hunt, with a pot of goodies at the end!

Let me break down the easy process so you can do it too, if you’ve got a special someone who would enjoy it!





1. Click on the image of the treasure hunt riddles below and download the PDF.

Download Printables Here:


(please check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox within a couple of minutes!)



St Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt Printable Clue Cards


2. Simply print the PDF on either white paper or card stock.



I recommend printing them on thicker paper so you can reuse them in future years.

3. Use scissors to cut the printable scavenger hunt clues along the dotted line.


4. Place the cards

On St. Patrick’s Eve night, after the kids have all gone to bed, place the clues in their appropriate places around your house…all of the riddles have been written for it to be an indoor game.


Here is what each of the clues says and the corresponding location for each clue.



Clue #1 Location – Put clue #1 in a small gift bag or out somewhere your children will see it in the morning…I normally have a breakfast treat out and a felt board letter sign so that’s where my clue #1 is put. 

St. Patrick's Day Sign & Breakfast


Clue #1. Top of the Morning to you! Here’s your first clue…Go to where you put your shoes!


Clue #2 Location – Wherever you keep shoes in your house is where you will want to put this clue. We have a shoe basket in our hallway, but I know some people keep them in the garage or even in a closet.


Clue #2 – For the next clue, you’ll find beneath that cozy place where your parents sleep!

Clue #3 Location – Place riddle #3 under the adults’ bed.


Clue #3 – It’s Clue #3 look near & far…head to the place where we park the car.


Clue #4 Location – Hunt clue #4 can be placed somewhere near your car, which is hopefully in a heated garage!

Clue #4 – Way to go, here’s clue #4…
search around our home’s back door.

Clue #5  Location – This clue should be put by the back door of your house. If you have younger children you may want to make it easier to find, and for older kids, you could hide it under a rug.

Clue # 5 – Now you’re really thinking fast, head to where you ate last.

Clue #6  Location – Card #6 goes somewhere in the eating area of your home. Again, feel free to make it easier or harder to find based on your kids’ ages and capabilities.


Clue # 6 – Looking for the next direction? Take a peek where dad sees his reflection!

Clue #7 Location – The Master Bathroom mirror is where clue #7 belongs.

Clue #7 – Run to the room that you love most & look very closely where you make toast!

Clue #8 Location – The last clue goes near (your non-heated) toaster or toaster oven in the kitchen.

Clue # 8 – It’s the final clue, you’ve found the rest. You’ll discover your treasure where mom gets dressed!


There is no Clue #9 but you need to put the “grand prize” where mom gets dressed (which in my home is my master closet) as the final destination for the St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt.

5. Next I made a sweet little sign to remind our kids just how much we love them and printed a copy of that too!

Printable Happy St. Patrick's Day Sign


If you need some ideas or inspiration here’s what I bought as the “treasure”:

  • Box of Lucky Charms
  • Sour Cream and Onion Pringles
  • Pistachios
  • Limon Lay’s Chips
  • Trident Gum
  • Andes Mints
  • Kiwi Strawberry Propel
  • Mike & Ikes
  • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt prize

Basically, anything green I could find!

At the end of it all, my kids LOVED it…even if they acted like they did’t (I mean they are teenagers after all and it’s basically a requirement of that phase to act like your parents are so NOT fun and cool, but I know the truth!)

I’d love to know if you made a St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt for your kiddos, and how did it go?

Got any other fun St. Patty’s Day traditions you do as a family?

Until next time, cheers to being lucky, and cheers to you!




P.S If you want to see other treasure hunts I’ve created, here is one for Valentine’s Day.

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I also made an EGGS-cellent Easter Scavenger Hunt that you can see on this blog post!

Easter Scavenger hunt printable clues


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