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Save Your Sanity During the Corona Virus Covid-19 Quarantine with the 30 Day Clutter Clean Out

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Oh Hey!!

Happy Monday….

Or is it Wednesday?…or Friday?…

Oh heck, I really don’t know!!

Am I the only one who feels like each day of the Covid quarantine/lockdown/sheltering seems to melt into the next??

If I’m being completely honest, the first few weeks of being isolated were not too bad…

I slept in, did jigsaw puzzles, read books, caught up on all the Hollywood gossip from Star Magazine, watched way too much reality tv and pretty much was a slug for an extended period of time, but now that I’ve maxed out my total self-indulgence time, I realize I need HELP…

I need some structure…

I need some projects….

I need something that makes me feel productive…

I need a reason to get out of bed in the morning…

And let’s be real, there ain’t much going on as far as external responsibilities go, so it’s up to ME to motivate myself!

So that’s why I created the 30 Day Clutter Clean Out…

I can’t think of a better time to focus on what I want IN my life by letting go of everything that I want OUT of my life.

I started thinking about decluttering and organizing projects around my house that are mostly “fun-sized” so I can do them in one day!

I also tried to choose areas that seem to be the most disorganized right now in my home, and if I were a betting woman, they are probably high-frequency clutter spots for you too!

Because life is SOOO topsy-turvy right now, I wasn’t sure what order I wanted to tackle each project so I created a flexible schedule that can be done in any order depending on my mood each day!

So for the month of April, I’m going to be participating in The 30 Day Clutter Clean Out.

If you want to join me (yes, please!), here’s how it works:

1. Print out the 30 Day Clutter Clean Out calendar template below:

2. Then check off a box each day, or if you want to tackle more than one each day, go on with your bad self!!

3. I’ll be posting my progress on my Instagram Stories, so if you want to see all the befores & afters, come find me here! #30daycluttercleanout

It’s really that easy!!

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to having a little more structure in my day and having a sense of accomplishment!

So tell me the truth….How YOU doing? (Sorry, shameless “Friends” throwback)

What things are you adding to your life to keep your sanity??

Is decluttering one of them!?! Or am I the only organizing nerd?

I CANNOT wait to hear watcha’ been up to! Seriously, give me some details, cause this momma needs some entertainment!

I’ve got quite a few other fun projects in the works for this unprecedented time….so, until then, cheers to cleaning out the clutter and cheers to you!🥂

Be safe, friends,


💗 Magan

Need some other quarantine sanity savers?… Check out my blog post about radical self-care during this time of fear and uncertainty here!

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