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An Honest Review of Dusting Mop Slippers From Amazon

In this week’s “Wack or Worth it Wednesday Show”, we did a review of Dusting Mop Slippers (Cosywell) – were they a flop or a fabulous find? Do they really work and are they worth buying?

Man and woman smiling with cleaning slippers on
Do we love them or do we not??

Oh Yeah! You best believe it!!  

It’s another episode of the “Wack or Worth it Wednesday Review Show” on YouTube…and this week, we are going to knock your socks off….err…umm…actually we just might knock your socks ON – cleaning socks to be exact!! Something you have unknowingly been waiting for your entire life… a review of dusting mop slippers.

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This week’s featured gadget by the Zen Duo is a full review of the Cosywell Dusting Mop Slipper Socks, and let’s just say we had a bit of fun with this one shaking our groove thang!!

Woman in orange shirt dancing with dusting slippers on

Actually, testing them out totally reminded me of the stories my dad used to tell me when I was a little girl about when he was growing up that his dad would plan “work parties” for the family…and my dad and his sisters would be so excited that there was going to be some sort of party…only to realize the “work party” was simply just a way to make chores around the house seem like they were more fun!

I adopted that same idea in the days of my teaching career where we would have “Cleaning Club” every Friday afternoon for my Kindergarten class, where we’d give the kids each a wet wipe to clean the surfaces of the classroom and “ooh” and “aah” over all the dirt and dust they would find! 

I mean this isn’t a concept that’s new…I’m pretty sure Walt Disney might deserve credit for these Jedi mind tricks.

Remember Snow White promoting the idea of “whistling while you work” to make it more fun? Even Grumpy went along with that philosophy!

And Mary Poppins made tidying the nursery a game for Jane and Michael Banks…although they did harness a bit of Poppins magic to make it even more exciting!

So now you too have another magical tool to help enlist your family in the cleaning of your home…dusting mop slippers!

Listen, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ll use about any means necessary to not have to clean the house by myself, and if a little mind manipulation to persuade my kids is quite possibly what it takes, then I’m all in! #noshameinmygame

In this week’s episode of the “Wack or Worth it Wednesday Review Show”, you will see Gavin and me, don the dusting mop slippers gadget and partake in a little competition between the two of us to see who can get the most dirt and debris on their dusting mop slippers…

review of dusting mop slippers

Let’s just say it was quite a workout (even though it was only for 2 minutes), and a great deal of fun was had by both of us…and don’t let the biased opinion of the self-proclaimed judge of the competition persuade you in who the REAL W-I-N-N-E-R was! 

Wondering what our final verdict was of this nifty little cleaning gadget, and who dominated the cleaning showdown? 

Be sure to check out the video here!

Oh, one more thing…be sure to stick around to the end where we feature some epic bloopers…let’s just say, I think this may be the funniest flub yet!

Things we LOVED about the dusting mop slippers:

  1. Price Point – they definitely were at the lower range of cost for a package of 10 slippers.
  2. Ease of Use – the slippers were easy to put on and so easy to use…we literally ran around the house and got it clean in a matter of minutes!
  3. Fun Factor – Wanting to make mopping and dusting more fun?   Then look no further…and little music and some booty shaking dances!
  4. Team Work – Grab your kids and put them to work. With a set of slippers for each member of your tribe, you can get your house cleaned in a flash! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
  5. Clean Up – Toss the slippers in the washer and then let them air dry, and you’ve got fresh dusting slippers ready for another round of cleaning with minimal effort.

Things that NEEDED IMPROVEMENT with the dusting mop slippers:

  1. Sizing – My husband’s feet barely fit…so if you have shoe sizes bigger than men’s size 12, these may not work as well.
  2. Lifespan – Since we’ve only owned them for a couple of weeks, it’s too soon to tell if they are high enough quality to hold up long term.  So the jury is still out on that one!
  3. Wake-Up Call – This is a good news/bad news observation…good news is that you will pick up A TON of debris from your dirty floors (well, as least we did)…bad news is that you realize just how dang dirty your house is, and that’s a bit embarrassing!  

If you want to know the exact numerical rating that we each gave in our review of the dusting mop slippers and whether it was deemed “Wack or Worth it”, you’ll have to watch the episode to see!

Want to order a family set ASAP? You can grab them here!!

Until next time, cheers to “cleaning clubs” and “work parties”, and cheers to you!



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