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11 Clever Products to Organize Jewelry

How to store your accessories with these must-have genius products to organize jewelry. Awesome storage ideas for every woman who loves her baubles and keeping them all neat and tidy!

Accessories & Jewelry…

They are actually one of the harder things to keep organized because, by nature, they are a bit messy…dangly earrings, multilayered necklaces, chunky bracelets, and intricate costume jewelry.

Easily tangled and frequently used which places them in the high-risk category of a clutter catastrophe.

And before I jump in to share all the amazing jewelry organization products I’ve found and several I personally use, I’m going to give you the real deal…

Keeping my jewelry collection organized has not recently been my strong point!

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Pile of messy, disorganized jewelry

Prior to writing this blog post, this is EXACTLY what my “jewelry organizers” consisted of:

  • A few broken and worn out Dollar Spot cardboard storage boxes

  • A travel zippered cosmetics bag

  • All shoved on a shelf in my bathroom linen closet

Which ultimately meant it was in utter disarray…a cluttered and tangled mess!

So now that we got that embarrassing confession out of the way, let’s chat about how it got that way and how I remedied it with a few jewelry organization tips and products.


No Designated Space:

In my previous home, I had a built-in drawer in the master bathroom which I used to store all my jewelry. It was by no means a magazine-worthy display of epic jewelry storage ideas, but it was functional and worked for me.

Inefficient Tools:

Although I was using “organizing products” to store my jewelry which essentially consisted of old inexpensive boxes from the Dollar Spot at Target, the products did not work well…especially for storing earrings because there were no small compartments to keep them in separate slots and necklaces because they were prone to getting tangled.

My current method of organizing jewelry also was not effective because I could not really see what jewelry I had because in a zippered pouch it was not easily accessible or visible.


Open drawer of organized jewelry

Assigned Space:

To remedy my jumbled jewelry collection quandary, I decided to create space in the top drawer of my dresser designated only for my bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, and pendants – it’s a jewelry drawer only!!

Customized Tools:

I tossed the old broken box cheap-o jewelry organizers and decided to purchase a few items that were specific to my own jewelry storage needs.

The two organizing products I bought were:

A. Small Velvet Stackable Jewelry Storage Trays

Stackable jewelry organizers

This purchase insured that I had storage compartments for small items like stud earrings, but also space for larger accessories like watches and bracelets.

B. A 3-Tier Table Top Hanging Organizer with Jewelry Base Trays

Three-tier hanging jewelry organizer

Hanging organizers like this one work perfectly for both longer and shorter necklaces because they utilize vertical space with three tiers to hang jewelry to keep every necklace chain separate.

It also has a small dish at the bottom to hold earrings and rings…or any other small items!

There are several styles available but I chose the nickel version because it fits better with my overall home decor theme.

The third item I used for organizing my jewelry was a bamboo desk drawer organizer that I already owned and wasn’t using…and it worked perfectly for larger jewelry pieces like statement necklaces and bulkier bracelets.

Bamboo desk organizer with jewelry


I honestly couldn’t be happier with the finished products. All of my jewelry is neatly placed in my dresser that is in my master bedroom closet so it does not look cluttered and unkempt anymore.

I also like that my necklaces are hanging neatly and untangled, creating an organized cohesive look.

If you are wanting to organize your jewelry, I have done extensive research for my own project and have lots of recommendations of amazing jewelry storage ideas with links included to purchase any of these items for your house.

Top 11 Jewelry Organizer Products:

Top 11 Jewelry Organizer Products

1. Monogram Chatchall

Initial jewelry catchall

I love this sweet little “catchall” that can be customized with your monogram initial in gold.

It’s the perfect spot to leave your rings and small jewelry items…I guess that’s why it’s so aptly named a “catch-all”!

2. Jewelry Cabinet

Hanging Wall Door mounted large jewelry cabinet

If you have a LARGE jewelry collection, then you may need this LARGE jewelry cabinet that you can hang on a wall or closet door.

It’s lockable and has LED lights inside so you can admire the beauty of all your well-lit baubles!

With this giant jewelry box to keep everything safely stored, you will feel like your house truly is a jewelry store!

3. Zodiac Jewelry Dish

Zodiac Jewelry Dish

Got rings n’ things that you wear every day but take off every night and put back on every morning?

Place this little “catchall” by your bedside or on your vanity! It’s perfect for those accessories you frequently use! And it’s so darn pretty it looks like a little piece of art!

Oh, and you can choose your own zodiac sign to make it personalized just for you!

4. Acrylic Earring Organizer

Did you have one of these “earring trees” as a kid?

Vintage 1980s earring tree

Well, here’s a grown-up version that is much more sleek and stylish to store earrings!

Acrylic earring tree organizer

If you don’t like having your jewelry tucked in a dresser drawer this is a fabulously organized way to put them on display!

5. Stackable Jewelry Organizer Trays

Velvet stackable jewelry organizer trays

These are the exact jewelry organizer products I used in my own home.

They worked well for my project but I’m a bit of a minimalist and do not have a large collection of accessories so they gave me plenty of compartments and space to store all of my trinkets.

6. Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll

Where are my peeps living the jet setter life?

No list would be complete without sharing a simple product to organize jewelry for travel…it rolls up so it’s perfect for small spaces like a suitcase or carry-on bag. By George, it’s genius!

7. Zippered Jewelry Box

Zippered Jewelry Box

Another option for frequent flyers or anyone with a smaller collection is this small zippered jewelry box.

It’s cute and petite and perfect for a small collection of jewelry!

8. Double Drawer Organizer

Double Drawer Jewelry Organizer

If you want to keep jewelry on your vanity or out on a visible surface, this double drawer organizer will keep it all tidy in one spot without looking cluttered!

9. Acrylic Jewelry Organizer Box with 3 Drawers

Acrylic three drawer jewelry box

I loved the streamlined look of the acrylic earring holder so much, I just had to add one more acrylic option in the mix!

The clear top allows you to see all of your options so it looks like a display case, and it is big enough to store all the things you love to wear most!

10. Linen Board Display Set

Linen Board Hanging Jewelry Organizer

For anyone who is wanting to maximize their storage space, this display board is a solid choice!

This display set comes with 12 hooks so you can easily hang your bracelets, earrings, favorite necklace, or even your rings to see all of your jewelry in one place.

By hanging this display board on the wall of your bedroom, closet, or bathroom, it frees up the counter, vanity, or drawer space to create a clutter-free aesthetic.

11. Triple Tier Table Top Necklace Holder

Hanging necklace organizer

Last but not least on my list are these hanging organizers that are ideal for short and long necklaces.

No matter which styles or lengths of necklaces you own, you will be able to keep them all hanging without tangles! It also has a jewelry tray at the bottom for any miscellaneous accessory items.

And there you have it, friends, all the best products to organize jewelry that will help you simplify your life!

Which ones do you like best?

Any beloved products you use to organize jewelry that I did not feature on my list?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time cheers to having the best-organized baubles and cheers to you!



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