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The Ultimate Printable Beach Packing List: AKA “Surviving the Beach with Kids”

If you are planning a family beach getaway, make packing a breeze with our Ultimate Printable Beach Packing List! From essentials like sunscreen and swimsuits to fun extras like beach games and snacks, this comprehensive list has everything you need for a perfect beach day!

Oh, behold – a family trip to the beach!

The waves, the sand, the sunburns – er, I mean, the sensational sun.

Who doesn’t love a good family trip to the beach? It’s like a little slice of paradise, if your idea of paradise includes hauling half your house to the shoreline and trying to prevent your kids from eating sand, which let’s be honest, might be a losing battle.

But fear not, brave parent! I’ve got your back with my free printable packing list that will turn your beach day from a logistical nightmare into a (mostly) smooth sailing adventure.

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So let’s chat a bit about what’s at the beach to be cleverly navigated by my epic printable beach packing list (which can be found at the bottom of this post) by listing my top 9 things you’ll need!

1. The Sand Situation

Let’s start with the sand. You know, that stuff that gets into everything, and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!

You’ll find it in places you didn’t know existed for weeks afterward. With my printable packing list, you’ll be armed with a portable vacuum cleaner—just kidding, but I do recommend bringing baby powder or “Sandscreen” if you are a mama who wants to live life #talcfree. Trust me, sprinkle it on sandy feet and the sand falls off like magic. Voila! Sand-free kids. For about five minutes.

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2. Snack Attack!

Kids and snacks are like bees to honey. They need a constant supply, and I mean constant.

Without my list, you might end up forgetting the essentials like string cheese, grapes, and enough goldfish crackers to feed a small army. The printable ensures you don’t forget to pack the snacks! Because no one wants to deal with a hangry toddler when you’re miles away from civilization (or the nearest ice cream stand).

3. Hydration Station

Keeping kids hydrated at the beach is a full-time job. They’re running, jumping, and splashing, burning off all that sugary energy. My list reminds you to bring a cooler with enough water bottles to hydrate an entire soccer team. And don’t forget those juice boxes, because trying to convince a 4-year-old to drink plain water is like trying to reason with a seagull over your sandwich.

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4. Sunscreen Drama

Sunscreen: the battle that every parent knows too well. It’s like trying to wrestle a slippery, shrieking eel. (Do eels actually shriek, well anywho, you know what I mean)

With my packing list, you’ll remember to pack multiple types….spray, lotion, stick, dunk tank (not yet invented, but possibly an effective application technique). Trust me, when one method fails, you need backup. The list also suggests the pro tip of distraction: give your kid a beach toy to play with while you sneak-attack them with sunscreen.

5. Toy Story

Speaking of toys, you can never have too many.

My printable packing list ensures you bring the essentials: buckets, shovels, inflatable toys, and maybe even a frisbee that you’ll immediately regret when it lands in the middle of a group of sunbathing strangers. The list helps you remember it all, so you can avoid the inevitable “But Mooooom, you forgot my favorite shovel!”

6. The Tale of Two Towels (or three or four, or maybe more)

Towels. Plural. More than you think you need. Because somehow, no matter how many you bring, it’s never enough. My list reminds you to pack one for each family member, plus a few extras. Trust me, by the end of the day, you’ll be using those extras to mop up spills, tears, and whatever mysterious substance your kid stepped in.

My Top Pick!
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

7. Just Wheeling It

Another must-have on my handy dandy printable beach packing list…the beach wagon.

Why bring a wagon to the beach?

Because without it, you’re basically a pack mule with sand in your shoes! A beach wagon is a mom’s best friend, making it a breeze to haul all the essentials—towels, toys, snacks, and the kitchen sink (because, let’s face it, kids need everything). No more multiple trips back to the car or juggling bags like a circus performer. Just load up, roll out, and let the wagon do the heavy lifting while you strut to your spot like the beach bad*** babe you are!

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8. “May the Force Be With You” Sand-Free Beach Blanket

Why pack an extra-large sand-free blanket for the beach?

Because sitting on a gritty towel is about as comfortable as sunbathing on a cheese grater! This magical blanket repels sand like a force field, giving you a clean, cozy spot to lounge, picnic, or referee sibling sandcastle wars. Plus, it’s big enough to fit the whole family, with room to spare for snacks and sunscreen. Say goodbye to sandy sandwiches and hello to a blissful beach experience—because nobody goes to the beach to become one with the sand!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

9. Parental Sanity

Finally, don’t forget your sanity-saving items: a good book, noise-canceling headphones, and maybe a thermos of something a little stronger than coffee for when the kids are finally, mercifully, playing nicely together.

So there you have it. My free printable beach packing list is your secret weapon to conquering the beach with kids. It’s like having a seasoned beach-going mom in your pocket, reminding you of everything you need so you can focus on making memories (and not losing your mind).

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Download it, print it, and let’s hit the beach! Just remember, no matter how much you plan, expect the unexpected. Because that’s what makes family trips so memorable, right?

Until next time, always remember “you’ve got this”, even when you don’t think you do!



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