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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

So, this is one of the blog posts, I've been draggin’ my feet on…mostly because it’s about a topic that has been super challenging for me over the last year, and it’s way more fun to write about the stuff I love…

Organizing, traveling, wine, mommyhood…..oh and printables, you know how I love making printables!! 📝

But this topic is tougher to share because it goes beyond the light-hearted surface stuff, and it is honestly a place where I feel vulnerable and insecure which is currently an area of fear and anxiety for me.

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I find it so much easier to share about challenging things after they are resolved, but unfortunately, that is not the case with this situation.

I’ve recently been reading more books about transparency and finding real connection through authenticity (specifically I’m reading “The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene’ Brown which I highly recommend), so I’m working on stepping outside of my comfort zone of mostly focusing on the “fun, rah! rah! rainbows and unicorns fluff” that comes so easily to write about, and trying to share more openly about the stuff that’s not on the “perfect highlight reel” that most of us share on social media.

Many people may not know, but last year, I was unexpectedly hospitalized (oh yeah, ambulance ride 🚑 and the whole bit) for what the doctors were concerned might be either a pulmonary embolism or possible risk of congestive heart failure due to my resting heart rate being at 130-165+.

Yep, totally scary!

The good news is that it wasn’t as serious as it could have been, but the bad news is that I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and two autoimmune diseases.