Why I'm Creating a Forward Focus on Future Fun List - A Post Pandemic Preemptive Gratitude List

Updated: Jan 24

"If you build it. They will come"...

Definitely one of the most well-known movie quotes of all time, and also the philosophy I'm currently adopting for my sparse calendar. (see Exhibit A below)

Blank calendar and pen
Exhibit A: Sparse 2021 Calendar

If I buy it (a planner)...they will come (plans, activities, events).

It's funny how I used to wish life would slow down just a little bit, and then when all of it disappeared I now so desperately miss all of the craziness! (see January 2020 Craziness Calendar: Exhibit B)

Messy Calendar filled with activities and events
Exhibit B: January 2020 Busy Calendar

It's no secret that I've been feeling down about the loss of pretty much everything I used to spend my time doing, and to ease some of that pain, I decided to make a big list of the things that I can't wait to do again.

Forward Focus on Fun List Printable Worksheet

Kind of like a gratitude list before it happens...

- taking a cruise

- watching karaoke

- cheering on the sidelines of my kids' sports

- listening to a live band play at a bar

- visiting an amusement park

- going to a movie theatre

- giving my friends a big ‘ole bear hug

- hosting a party INSIDE my house

- seeing a comedy show

- eating self-serve ice cream

- taking an airplane...anywhere!

Even little things like driving carpool seem like such a faded happy memory. (yes, I even miss carpool!)

Oh and self-serve ice cream, or getting free samples at Costco...man, I can't wait to do those things again one day!

Here's my finished list...

In some ways, it's a painful activity yet also poignant and cathartic.

I try to remind myself, that one day all of these things will feel "normal" again, and when they do, I don't want to EVER take a single one of them for granted.

In case you too, need a little reminder of the good things that are waiting for you, here's a printable copy you can download!

So until that day when these little freedoms start returning, I'll continue to keep dreaming of the day when the blank pages of my planner are filled with the craziness of life again.

Cheers to "building it and allowing it to come", and cheers to you!🥂




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