The Number One Thing You Should Do While Visiting Catalina Island, California on Vacation

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Hiya Friends!

Mr. Organizen and I just got back from our 16th cruise, (yes, you read that right) and seriously, we just had the best time! I know it sounds hard to believe that after soooo many cruises, we don't get bored of them, but let's break down why we love them so much...

People Entertain You

People Make You Your Favorite Cocktails (cheers to the drink package🥂)

People Clean Your Room

People Cook for You

Does life get any better??

Truly, cruising just never gets old for the two of us, and this last cruise was a quick 4 day getaway just for the two of us, and it happened to be my birthday too (yes, I turned did you guess!?!?), so it made it even more special.