The 50 Ultimate Best Ideas to Create a Family Fun Fall Bucket List to Overcome Pandemic Fatigue

The word "Pandemic" spelled in Scrabble tiles


I’m not sure if that is really a technical diagnosis, but it’s definitely what I think I am suffering from these days…Pandemic Fatigue.

I’m not gonna’ lie….I’ve been a front ride passenger on the struggle bus lately.

Most days I’m doing “okay”, but then something will trigger the Covid sadness that allows doubt to creep in that things may never be the way they used to be.

Last week, it was a trip to Starbucks that brought tears to my eyes…I know that sounds so superficial and “basic”, yet it’s true.

It was my son’s birthday, and his special b-day breakfast request was a cotton candy Frappuccino and breakfast sandwich, and as I headed into Starbucks to pick up his special meal, I was greeted with this…

Empty Starbucks store with cones and lines

To most people, seeing green cones blocking off “safe” areas, a restroom closed sign, and striped lines dictating where to stand would probably not illicit a crying session, but the thing that struck me the most was not the ADDITION of these covid protocol precautions, but what was MISSING.

That particular Starbucks is in the heart of our little town center and before covid, it was a place that was a hub of interactions…