Spreading MORE Holiday Cheer to the Mail Carrier

Updated: Oct 11

Oh. My. Goodness. I am having the best time leaving little treats out for our Delivery Drivers! I may or may not check it every day to see what they've taken (Confession - I TOTALLY do!)

I honestly think I am having more fun with it than they are!! Actually I KNOW I am!!

If you missed the post and links to the free printables to make your own treat basket, then you can read about it here!!

Since that is giving me so much joy, I thought why not keep this "Giving Train" going! Next stop...The Mail Carrier!

Here is another super simple and easy thing you can do to show your Mail Carriers how much you appreciate them, especially during the Holidays when they have their heaviest workload!

Step #1 - Buy a few boxes/bags of M&Ms

Step #2 - Grab this printable (click the image to download the pdf) and print it

(I used tagboard to make it a little thicker)