Save Your Sanity During the Corona Virus Covid-19 Quarantine with the 30 Day Clutter Clean Out

Cleaning Supplies rags, gloves and sponges

Oh Hey!!

Happy Monday….

Or is it Wednesday?…or Friday?…

Oh heck, I really don’t know!!

Am I the only one who feels like each day of the Covid quarantine/lockdown/sheltering seems to melt into the next??

If I’m being completely honest, the first few weeks of being isolated were not too bad…

I slept in, did jigsaw puzzles, read books, caught up on all the Hollywood gossip from Star Magazine, watched way too much reality tv and pretty much was a slug for an extended period of time, but now that I’ve maxed out my total self-indulgence time, I realize I need HELP

I need some structure…

I need some projects….

I need something that makes me feel product