Purge Party Week 6 - Bathrooms

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

It's Purge Party Week 6, and we are making serious ground, people!! That is really something to celebrate!!! You are making so much progress in getting your home totally decluttered and organized!!

Since it's Week #6, you're probably now a pro at purging, but in case you are just arriving at the "Purge Party", here's a simple overview of the decluttering process!

1. Visualize the Ending

I'm a big believer in visualizing, so it's no surprise that I recommend before you do ANYTHING, that you should get a very clear picture of what you want the space you are organizing to look and feel like. This week is all about bathrooms (excluding the Master Bath, you can find that Purge Party here), and my goal is to have bathrooms that are super clean and simplified without any clutter.

So, take a minute and get a detailed picture in your mind of exactly what you want for your bathrooms! Now that you've created the vision, you are ready for the next step!

2. Party by the Potty

The second step is to set the mood for a party...and what's a party without music?? 🎶 Whatever jams inspire you to declutter and clean, pump them up!! 🎶

3. Got Boxes?

Up next is to get your organizing tools ready to roll...4 labeled boxes! BAM!

👀Wanna see mine?? 👀

They don't need to be anything store bought or fancy...mine are just old boxes from holiday gifts that were sitting in my garage. Just be sure they are labeled in a way that works for you!

- Rubbish/Trash